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Vignettes of Sikh Faith (Suitable for Kids) Set of 6 Books - Book By Dr. Karnail Singh Somal

Publisher: New Book Company
Authors: Dr. Karnail Singh Somal
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Product Code: SGE124
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Table of Contents For 'Vignettes of Sikh Faith' (Suitable for Kids)-Book By Karnail Singh Somal - Set of 6 Books


  CONTENTS - Vignettes of Sikh Faith-0  
1 Ikk Oankar 3
2 The Gurdwara 4
3 Nishan Sahib (The Flag) 5
4 The Sangat (Congregation) 6
5 The Kirtan (Recitation of Gurbani) 7
6 The Ardas (Prayer) 8
7 Wak (Word) 9
8 Karah Parshad (Sacred Food) 10
9 Langar (The Community Kitchen) 11
10 Sewa (Spirit of Service) 12
11 Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh (Greeting Slogan) 13
12 Panj 'K's (Five Emblems of the Khalsa) 14
13 Khanda (Two-Edged Sword-Claymore) 15
14 Panj Pyare (Five Beloved) 16
15 Amrit (The Nectar of Immortality) 17
16 Akhand Path 18
  (Continuous Recitation of Guru Granth Sahib)  
17 Namkaran Ceremony (Naming Ceremony) 19
18 Dastar Bandi (Turban Investiture) 20
19 Anand Karaj (Marriage Ceremony) 21
20 Panj Takhats (FiveThrones) 22
21 Sri Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar  
  (The Golden Temple) 23
22 Gurdwara Sis Ganj (Delhi) 24
  EXERCISES                                      25-32


  CONTENTS - Vignettes of Sikh Faith-1  
1 The Names Of The Sikh Children 3
2 Babaji's Birth Anniversary 5
3 Simran And Anmol Go To The Gurdwara 7
4 The True Bargain (Sachcha Sauda) 9
5 At Sultanpur With Bebe Nanaki 11
6 Respect For Work 13
7 Sajjan Thug Turns A New Leaf 15
8 Freedom From Superstitions 17
9 God Is Present Everywhere 19
10 Virtue Spreads Far And Wide 21
11 Work Hard, Pray And Share 23
12 Guruji Belongs To All 25
13 Bhai Lehna In The Service Of Guruji 27
14 Bhai Lehna Baptized Guru Angad 29
15 In Praise Of Guru Angad 31
16 True Guru Is Ours 33
17 Compulsions In Raising The Sword 35
18 Lighting The Lamp-I 37
  (One Lamp Lights Another Lamp)  
19 Lighting The Lamp-ll 39
  (One Lamp Lights Another Lamp)  
20 Shelter To The Homeless 41
21 The One And The Only One 43
22 The Height Of Humility 45
23 Names Etched In Gold 47


  CONTENTS - Vignettes of Sikh Faith-2  
1 Thanks Be To The Waheguru 3
2 The Great Deeds of The Great Guru 6
3 Beloved of All 9
4 Sweet Is They Will To Me 13
5 The Advent of The Sword 17
6 The Possessor of Miri And Piri 20
7 A Son As Noble As The Father 23
8 Simro Sri Har Rai 26
9 The Guru Whose Glimpses Cures All Ailments 29
10 Guru Ladho Re 33
  (I Have Found The Guru)  
11 Sis Diya Par Sirar Na Diya 37
  (He Gave His Head But Not His Faith)  
12 Gobind Rai To Guru Gobind Singh 41
13 The Creation of The Khalsa 45
14 The Guru Who Sacrificed His Whole Family 50
15 Nanak Nam Charhdi Kala 54
  May The Name Of Nanak Keep Us In High Spirits  


  CONTENTS - Vignettes of Sikh Faith-3  
1 Guru Nanak Dev Ji 3
2 Guru Angad Dev Ji 13
3 Guru Amar Das Ji 20
4 Guru Ram Das Ji 29
5 Guru Arjan Dev Ji 35
6 Guru Hargobind Ji 43
7 Guru Har Rai Ji 50
8 Guru Har Krishan Ji 55
9 Guru Teg Bahadur Ji 60
10 Guru Gobind Singh Ji 68


  CONTENTS - Vignettes of Sikh Faith-4  
Lesson-1 Blessings of a Sister (Bebe Nanaki) 5
Lesson-2 Both a Companion and a Servant (Bhai Mardana) 11
Lesson-3 Epitome of Service and Wisdom (Baba Buddha Ji) 16
Lesson-4 A Great Daughter, A Great Wife and A Great Mother (Bibi Bhani) 23
Lesson-5 Ocean of Learning (Bhai Gurdas Ji) 28
Lesson-6 Promoter of Secularism (Sain Mian Mir Ji) 34
Lesson-7 Rangreta Guru Ka Beta (Bhai Jaita Ji) Lowly Born is Guru's Child  40
Lesson-8 A Miraculous Change (Life of Bhai Bidhi Chand) 45
Lesson-9 Grandmother of the Sahibzadas (Mata Gujri Ji) 51
Lesson-10 Mother of the Khalsa (Mata Sahib Kaur Ji) 57
Lesson-11 God Resides in Everyone (Bhai Kanhaiya Ji) 62
Lesson-12 One Who Reunited the Deserters (Mai Bhago Ji) 67
Lesson-13 Destroyer of the Cruel (Baba Banda Singh Bahadur) 72


                    CONTENTS - Vignettes of Sikh Faith-5  
  Desire To Create Awareness About Sikhism 5
Day One Following The Righteous Path 7
Day Two One Light 10
Day Three Labour Hard And Share 13
Day Four Those Who Pray 16
Day Five Children of One God 19
Day Six Selfless Service 22
Day Seven Spreading Education - A Noble Deed 25
Day Eight Degh, Tegh, Fateh 28
Day Nine The Holy Place -I 32
Day Ten The Holy Place - II 35
Day Eleven The Holy Granth 38
Day Twelve Path, Mukhvak 41
Day Thirteen Ardas Before God 44
Day Fourteen Daily Bath 47
Day Fifteen Taking Amrit (The Holy Nectar) 50
Day Sixteen Panj Pyare 53
Day Seventeen Four Sahibzadas 57
Day Eighteen Panj Takhts 60
Day Nineteen Famous Gurdwaras-I 63
Day Twenty Famous Gurdwaras-ll 66
Day Twenty One   Auspicious Cities 69
Day Twenty Two No Discrimination, No Differences 72
Day Twenty Three  Charhdee Kala (In High Spirits) 75
Day Twenty Four Sikh Code of Discipline 78


Author Karnail Singh Somal
Cover Paperback
Volumes 6
Language English

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