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The Sikh Culture - Book By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer

Publisher: Singh Brothers
Authors: Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer
Page: 136
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: SPE179
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Preface To Book 'The Sikh Culture' By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer

A Sikh can be easily identified from amongst the crowds of hundreds and thousands. A man with beard and turban can well be easily recognised. Still some Sikhs wearing traditional dress give impression of a respectable monarch. Throughout the world one can observe Sikh men, women and children, dressed in fine clothes and colourful turbans, going towards Gurdwaras. A congregation in a Gurdwara makes one think  of an assembly of heavenly people. The sacred kitchen of a Gurdwara looks like the scene of a family feast where everyone seems to be trying to surpass each other to perform voluntary, selfless service.

One observes people contributing a share of their honestly earned money for Langar and trying to surpass others in performing most menial service in Gurdwara Kitchen cleaning dishes, sweeping floors, washing toilets, serving guests, cleaning silt of sarovars; and all this being done by them energetically, voluntarily, devotionally, honestly, vigorously, lovingly, whole-heatedly and sacredly; and he asks,"Who are these turbaned and bearded people?"

In June 1984 the world saw a handful of people fighting against hundreds of thousands of perfectly armed soldiers of the Indian army which attacked Darbar Sahib Amritsar under orders from Indira Gandhi. The world was amazed to learn that on one side there were hundreds of thousands and lacs of soldiers of the fifth greatest power of the world fully equipped with helicopters, tanks, guns, missiles and other most modern arms and ammunition; and on the opposite side there were a few dozen people with not more than a hundred rifles, a couple of A.K.47s etc. The world observed it with great astonishment that these few people could stop the advancement of a mighty army for several days. The thousands of soldiers abandoned their barracks and renounced their jobs to protest against attack on their holy Sikh shrines. These saintly soldier did not bother for their jobs and careers for the sake of their religious honour. Throughout the world hundreds of thousands of Sikhs expressed their sentiments of resentment against injustice done to their nation by the Indian army. The world could not help inquiring about these people. Who are they? Who are the Sikhs?

When people of the world came to know that they were the same persons whose Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib had sacrificed his life in order to ensure right to religious worship and faith to the Hindus, they were stuck with wonder. It was more surprising to that in the eighteenth century thousands of Hindu women had been forcibly taken away by Ahmed Shah Durrani, the Afghan invader. The Sikhs, not bothering for their lives, had fought against a mighty terrorist invader in order to save these Hindu girls from being taken to Afghanistan for sale as sex-slaves. The world came to know about the Sikhs who sacrificed several of their comrades to restore the wife of a Hindu who appeared at Akal Takht Sahib on April 10,1763 and submitted a petition before the Sikhs that his wife had forcibly been taken away by the tyrant chief of Kasur. The world was shocked to see inhuman, merciless, savage, so far unknown to history, torturous massacre of the Sikh men, women and children by terrorist Hindu mobs of the same lineage for whom the Sikhs had made sacrifices. This massacre was carried out at Delhi and other areas of Hindu monopoly. The world saw all this with disgust when Indian media, instead of condemning inhuman treatment of the Sikhs by terrorist Hindu mobs and leader, rather defamed the noble Sikh nation as terrorist and extremists. The world was shocked at the inhuman style of the Hindu leaders, Hindu press, Hindu elite and majority of Hindu folk. This created in them feeling of sympathy in the justice-loving people for the Sikhs. They desired to know as to"who are the Sikhs?" and "what is a Sikh?"


Table Of Contents For 'The Sikh Culture' By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer



Page No

Preface 11
The Sikh Culture 17
What is Sikh Philosophy? 23
Practising Sikhism 33
Guru in Sikhism 39
What is a Sikh 43
Dastaar (The Sikh Turban) 50
Kirpaan (The Sikh Sword) 53
Hair, Beard and Moustache 57
Marriage, Divorce & Abortion in Sikhism 65
Death in Sikhism 72
Sin in Sikhism 78
Food, Dress & Entertainment for a Sikh 82
Sikh Nomenclature 89
Sikh Festivals 96
How to attend a Gurdwara? 104
Ardaas ( The Sikh National Prayer) 109
Charhdi Kala (The Sikh Concept of High Spirits) 117
The Sikh National Anthem 122
Siropao (The Sikh Robe of Honour) 124
Impact of Guru Sahib on the Punjab 127


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