The History Of The Sikhs - Book By W.L.M.Gregor

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Authors: W.L.M.Gregor
Page: 376
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Language: English
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Preface To 'The History Of Sikhs' By W.L.M Gregor

The author of the following pages cannot suffer his work to go forth without offering at least an explanation of, if not an apology for, the manner in which the second volume has been prepared.

It will be at once apparent to the reader that all the information containes in the two volumes has been prepared either in the country described or in its immediate vicinity; the major part of the contents of the second volume being actually collected in the very midst of the battle of one of the most memorable campaigns on record. It was the purpose of the author to have  given to all his materials the condensed from peculiar to political history; but the rapidity with which starling events succeeded each other- the great importanceof printing the entire work, while yet the affairs of the Punjab possessd a high degree of interest in a England- and the heavy professional claims upon the author's time-determined him to send forth the work in its present comparatively crude from. The part of the second volume which speculates upon possible occurrences, which either did or did not afterward transpire, and to which reference is subsequently made, must be accepted rather as a journal of operations than as a comprehensive digest of the entire campaign.

The author is under deep obligations to several of the military authoritics, and to many brother-officers for the aid he has received in the prosecution of his arduous task; and he begs they will, individually and collectively, accept his cordial acknowledgements. His object has been to record every fact connected with the History of the Sikhs, from the birth of Nanuk Shah, to the capture of Kote Kangra by the British; to present a complete history of the life of Runjeet Singh, the former despot of the Punjab; and to render justice to all those enlightened men and gallant spirits, whose skill and intrepidity combined to repel the insolent invasion of a rebellious army and to consolidate the British power in the north-west of India.


From The Backcover Of 'The History Of Sikhs' By W.L.M Gregor

Written by a British army surgeon who participated in the military campaign to consolidate colonial rule over Punjab - the land of the five rivers - this mid-19th century document is more than a fascinating source book for a significant period of Sikh history. Rich in anecdotes and eye-wiitness accounts. The History of the Sikhs also opens a window in to the British mind- the way the conquerors understood the people they tired to subdue and the land they conquered.

This edition brings together both volumes of the original work: the first traces the biographies of the Sikh gurus and Maharaja Ranjeet Singh; and the second is a military account of the Anglo-Sikh war of 1845-46, penned in the very midst of battle.


Table Of Contents For 'The History Of The Sikhs' By W.L.M.Gregor


The geography of the Punjab described  
The five rivers  
The Ukalees  
Govind Ghur  
Alexander's March  
The Term 'Singh'  
The terms 'Bedee' and 'Sodee'................... 1-30


The history of Gooroo Nanuk  
His birth-place  
His deistical doctrines  
Partiality to fukeers  
His death and character  
The Grunth  
Anecdotes of Nanuk ........... 31-47


The lives of the eight Gooroo successors of Nanuk  ...... 48-68


The history of Gooroo Govind  
Miracles and superstitions  
Govind assembles the Sikhs  
Destroys the distinctions of castes  
The brahmins desert him  
His knowledge of Hindoo and Mahomedan literature 69-78


Govind exhibits a contempt for wealth  
A tumult and its results  
The Pathans desert Govind  
He builds forts  
His sons are  murdered 79-87


Govind leaves Mukowal  
His vicissitudes in flight  
The Sikhs rally round him at Moogutsir  
He attacks and defeats the Mussulmans 88-94


Govind's poetic description of his life  
Becomes tired of existence  
Urges a Pathan to kill him  
His character 95-104


The history of Byragee Bunda ........ 105-112


The history of the Sikhs, after the death of Bunda  
The Mahomedans overrun the Punjab  
The Sikhs unite and expel them, and then form themselves into confederacies. 113-119


The history of the Bhungee Missul . .  .   . 120-127


The history of the Fyzoolapoorea and Ramghureea Missuls .   . 128-137


The history of the Ghuneeya, Allowalya, and Sak  
Kerchukea Missuls  
The birth of Runjeet Singh 138-150


Runjeet's origin  
The character of his mother and wife  
He becomes possessed of Lahore  
His warlike exploits  
He takes possession of Lahore and Kussoor  
He builds Govindghur  
Mr. Metcalfe, the British envoy, arrives at Lahore  
The British enter into a treaty with Runjeet 151-163


The Maharajah attacks, and subdues the Goorka,  Ummur Singh, in kote Kangra  
His further exploits  
Proceeds against Cashmere  
Exacts the Koh-i-noor diamond form Shah Soojah Ool Moolk  
Besieges Mooltan  
Captures the town, and repairs it . . . . . . 164-181


The Maharajah crosses the Attock  
Moves about the country,  settling the revenue, and receiving tribute  
Imprisons his mother in-law.  
Takes Munkheree  
Accepts the service of European officers  
War with the Affghans  
Schemes to obtain a famous horse  
The Maharajah has an interview with the Governor  
general of India 182-202


Runjeet Singh's knowledge of the British government  
Account of the various official visits of British officers, to the Maharajah's court  
The ceremonials on the marriage of Nonehal Singh 202-214


Runjeet's personal appearance  
His dress  
Passion for horses  
Respect for learning  
Fondness of field sports  
Nautch girls  
Character as a military leader 215-241


Runjeet's fondness for children  
Strange story of a fukeer  
Runjeet's religious sentiments  
The temple at Umritsar  
The Ukalees  
The feast of the Dusseerah  
Generals Court and Avitabili  
Mr. Foulkes  
Adventures in the Punjab  
Runjeet's dislike to the proximity of British troops 242-266


The British invasion of Affghanistan  
Runjeet's sentiments thereon  
He aids the passage of the Khyber Pass  
Anecdotes of the Maharajah  
He is taken ill  
Various remedies tried  
Submits to be electrified by European surgeons  
The drink of the Sikhs  
Their passion for ardentspirits  
The Minister Dhyan Singh, and other members of the court  
Runjeet's opinion on various matters  
Conclusion 267-291


Author W.L.M.Gregor
Pages 376
Cover Paperback
Language English

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