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Some Insights into Sikhism - Book By Madanjit Kaur, Piar Singh

Publisher: Guru Nanak Dev University
Authors: Madanjit Kaur, Piara Singh
Page: 138
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: SPE169
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Table Of Contents For 'Some Insights into Sikhism' Book By Madanjit Kaur and Piar Singh




Page No
  Editors' Note  
  Key to Transliteration  
1. Sikhs and Sikhism 1-21
2. Impact of Sikhism on Modern India 22-32
3. Sikhism and Islam 33-36
4. Sikhism and The World Society 37-40
5. War and Sikhism 41-43
6. A Blue Print for Preaching Sikhism 44-51
7. Sikhs and Communism 52-62
8. Sex and Sikhism 63-76
9. The Two Questions 77-80
10. Sikh Symbols and Conformism 81-86
11. Sikh Baptismal Discipline 87-105
12. The Tribune and the Sikh Impulse 106-111
13. Sikh Identity 112-114
14. On Four Fundamental Issues 115-128
  --Appendix 129-130
  --Bibliography 131 -133
  --Index 134-139


Foreword To Book 'Some Insights into Sikhism' Book By Madanjit Kaur and Piar Singh

The University has the pleasure to place in the hands of the readers SOME INSIGHTS INTO SIKHISM a compilation of the articles written by late Sirdar Kapur former I.C.S. This volume is in pursuance of a project taken in hand some five years ago to collect and publish his stray writings bearing on Sikh thought, annals and culture. Sirdar Kapur Singh's writings often showed great depth of thought and originality of approach. Sweep of his knowledge of major religions of the world is very often very fast.

I hope, this collection of fourteen refreshing articles will prove to be a valuable addition to the four works already published, namely Parasaraprasna or Baisakhi of Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Nanak's Life and thought, Sikhism For Modern Man and Guru Arjun and His Sukhmani. With the publication of these books our quest for Sirdar Kapur Singh's writings in English on religio-cultural cum historical aspects of Sikh fraternity has added significantly to our existing knowledge on Sikhism.

University's thanks are due to Sirdar Kapur Singh's distinguished son, Dr. Inderjit Singh, Principle Economist I.B.R.D. Washington D.C. U.S.A. for extending his valued cooperation in furnishing the University with the necessary type-scripts.

Guru Nanak Dev University                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (G.S. Randhawa)



Editors' Note Of Book 'Some Insights into Sikhism' Book By Madanjit Kaur and Piar Singh

SOME INSIGHTS INTO SIKHISM is the collection of Sirdar Kapur Singh's stray articles that is being placed into the hands of readers in the series: 'Selected Works of Sirdar Kapur Singh'. This volume provides comprehensive introduction and guide to the study of the Sikh Religion and explains, in detail, some of the key ideas and significant features related to the Sikh world-view in its historical perspective. The book presents a very broad range of readings to the student of comparative religion to realize how faith itself imparts the nature of being religious. It contains fourteen articles pertaining to different aspects of the Sikh religion and Sikh History. They are significant in bringing to the reader's mind the universal nature of Sikh values and their concern for a healthy corporate life aiming at the redemption of mankind at both levels, the spiritual and temporal. Some of the articles are intended to remove doctrinal misunderstandings and others to clear the for on the practical aspect of the Sikh way of life. In this series Sex and Sikhism is a very illuminating article. It discusses the delicate subject in the light of Sikh tenets vis-a-vis norms and practices of other especially Western societies. Sikh Baptismal Discipline is a revealing introspection of the innovations that certain over-zealous and orthodox orders tend to promulgate. The last article On Four Fundamental Issues provokes readers to seek further query into the nature of the sikh Divine.

All these articles show deep insight to impart on Sikhism. Each essay includes plenty of examples and illustrations from the contemporary World and provides a stimulating analysis of various question and major issues relating to Sikhism.

This work includes fresh material relating to dominant features of Sikhism. Drawing on the most upto-date scholarship, Sirdar Kapur Singh offers a brilliantly clear explanation of his ideas set firmly in the historical context. This academic exercise will prove to be an invaluable, clear and unprejudiced guide to the whole discipline of Sikh Studies. The contents of this book contains immensely instructive and helpful grounding for the students of Sikh religion.  It is hoped that this volume will prove to be an indispensable introduction for historians, theologians and social scientists seeking to understand the ideas of the Sikh Revolution in the context of History of World Religions.

As before we have in our humble way taken care to present these articles in a homogenous format; checked up and completed references quoted by the author. Likewise, to make the quotes with their original texts as well as their transliteration in English. The key to transliteration is also given as also the Bibliography culled from the author's articles.

Our thanks are due to Dr. Shukdev Sharma, Prof & Head, Deppt. of Sanskrit who has lent-his help in checking up Sanskrit quotes.

The help rendered by S . Jagjit Singh Walia, Director, Press and Publications and his staff, particularly Shri S.S. Narula, Senior Proof Reader is praiseworthy and deserves our utmost thanks.

Madanjit Kaur and Piar Singh


Author Madanjit Kaur and Piar Singh
Pages 138
Cover Hardbound
Language English

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