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Sikhism and Punjab's Heritage - Book By Dr Wazir Singh

Publisher: Punjabi-University-Patiala
Authors: Wazir Singh
Page: 180
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: ESE136
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Table Of Contents ‘Sikhism and Punjab's Heritage’ - Book By Dr Wazir Singh

  Part 'A'  
1 Humanistic Dimensions of Punjab's Culture  
  (Introductory Essay : Editor) 1
2 Punjabiat : The Punjabi Identity :  
  Kartar Singh Duggal 12
3 Religio-Cultural Heritage of the Punjab :  
  Fauja Singh 18
4 The Impact of Religion on Punjab's Culture :  
  S. S. Suri 36
5 The First Century of Sikhism :   
  Wazir Singh 43
6 Some Fundamental Doctrines of Sikhism :  
  G. S. Talib 60
7 Inner Dynamics of Sikh Culture :   
  Attar Singh 66
8 A Programme of Community Development for  
  the Sikhs : Pritam Singh 82
9 The Sikh Response to Social Reality :   
  Wazir Singh 92
  Part 'B'  
10 Religion in the Ancient Punjab :   
  V. C. Pandey 101
11 Buddhism & Jainism in the Punjab :   
  A. N. Sinha 108
12 The Hindu View of Life in the Punjab :  
  Dharmendra Goel 115
13 The Impact of Christianity on the Punjab :  
  C O. McMullen 121
14 Christian-Sikh Contacts in the Punjab :  
  Anand Spencer 132
15 History of Christianity in the Punjab :  
  Noel Q. King 140
16 The Church and Spread of Education in Punjab :  
  M. P. Christanand 146
17 The Impact of Islam on the Punjab :  
  Mushirul Haq 154
18 Evolution of the Islamic Way of Life in Punjab :  
  Abdul Majid Khan 159
19 The Advent of Sufism in the Punjab :  
  Majid Ali Khan 164
20 A Prophet of the Modern Punjab :  
  Khushwant Singh 172

Foreword To The Book ‘Sikhism and Punjab's Heritage’ - Book By Dr Wazir Singh

The Department of Religious Studies of Punjabi University has brought out this volume on Sikhism and Punjab's Heritage with its focus on the Punjabi culture evolved over the centuries. The Department organized a national seminar at Patiala, sponsored by the University Grants Commission, on the theme "Religious Heritage of Punjab" a few years back. Some of the papers presented at the seminar, with the addition of a few other papers contributed by well-known scholars, have been edited in the volume in hand by Professor Wazir Singh who directed the seminar. Altogether, the volume comprises twenty essays, all relating to the theme of Punjab's culture, religious history and Sikhism.

I am sure the publication will be of great interest to the scholars of religion and culture as well as to the readers in general.

Punjabi University                                                                                                                                 H. K. Manmohan Singh
Patiala                                                                                                                                                              Vice-Chancellor
14 November, 1989

Preface To The Book ‘Sikhism and Punjab's Heritage’ - Book By Dr Wazir Singh

The Department of Religious Studies is happy to release this volume on the important theme of Sikh ism and Punjab's culture.

The introductory paper attempts to define Punjab's culture in terms of its physical, intellectual, aesthetic, moral and spiritual aspects. The theme of Punjabiat (the Punjabi identity) is continued in S. Kartar Singh Duggal's paper, followed by Dr S. S. Suri's spotlight on the impact of Religion on Punjabi Culture. Dr Fauja Singh traces the religio-cultural heritage of the Punjab in his valuable contribution to the volume. Dr Attar Singh in his paper analyses the dynamics of Sikh culture, while Professor Pritam Singh works out a programme of coummunity development for the Sikhs.

Section 'B' of the volume presents the religious heritage of Punjab from different perspectives. Sardar Khushwant Singh has presented a delightful study on the poet Iqbal, whom he rates as a 'prophet' of the  modern Punjab.

The publication has the blessings of Professor H. K. Manmohan Singh, Vice-Chancellor, who always takes lively interest in the activities of the Department of Religious Studies.

Dr Wazir Singh was the Director of the Seminar, the proceedings of which form the basis of this publication. He has not only edited the volume but also contributed a couple of learned papers to the collection, enhancing the value of its contents.

Department of Religious Studies                                                                                                                         H. S. Kohli
Punjabi University                                                                                                                                Professor and Head

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