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Sikh History - 3 - War & Peace - 1716 -1860 - Book By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer

Publisher: Sikh University Press
Authors: Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer
Page: 336
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: SHE211
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Table Of Contents for 'Sikh History 3 - War & Peace - 1716 -1860' By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer



After Banda Singh's Martyrdom
Martyrdom of Tara Singh Dall-Waan (9.6.1726)
The Sikhs revolve to attack royal treasures and arsenals
Zakaria Khan becomes the governor of Lahore
The Sikhs are offered Jagir
Organising the Sikh army: Taruna Dal and Buddha Dal
Martyrdom of Veer Haqiqat Singh
Another difficult phase for the Sikhs
The Sikh become de facto rulers
Attack by Nadir Shah
Massacre at Delhi
Martyrdom of Bota Singh Garja Singh
Sukha Singh and Mehtab Singh punish Massa Ranghar
Martyrdom of Bhai Taru Singh (1.7.1745)
Organising the Sikh army
Killing of Jaspat Rai and atrocities committed by Lakhpat
Massacre of the Sikhs (10.3.1746)
Small Carnage (1.5.1746)
Shah Nawaz occupies Lahore
Construction of Ram Rauni fortress at Amritsar
Invasion of Ahmad Shah Durrani
Defeat of Ahmed Shah & his return to kabul
The Sikhs occupy Nurpur State
The Sikhs occupy Amritsar
Formation of Dal Khalsa and 11 Misls
The Sikhs and Muin-ul-Mulk (Mir Mannu)
Punishment to cruel terrorist Lakhpat Rai
Mir Mannu's atrocities
Siege of Ram Rauni
The Sikhs help in Multan attack (October 1748)
Second invasion  by Ahmad Shah Durrani
The Sikhs attack Lahore
Atrocities committed by Mir Mannu
Third invasion of Ahmad Shah Durrani
Last atrocities by Mir Mannu (March 1752-October 1753)
Battle of Nadaun (August 1752)
Killings of the Sikhs at Anandpur by Adena Begh (1753)
Death of (Nawab) Kapur Singh (7.10.1753)
Death of Mir Mannu (3-4.11.1753)
Release of the Sikh women from Mir Mannu's jail
Attacks by Aziz Begh and Bakhshinda Khan
Declaration of Rakhi from Akal Takht Sahib (10.4.1754)
Difference between Sikh Rakhi and Marhatta Chauth
War of succession at Lahore
The Sikhs Fool Qasim
The Sikhs establish their power in the Punjab
The Sikhs attack Lahore and Sarhind
The Sikhs and Adina Begh join hands
The Sikhs become real rulers of Riarki-Majha area
Eight Governors of Lahore in two and half Years
Fourth invasion of Ahmed Shah Durrani
Mughlani Beghum takes horrible revenge
Shah plunders Bharatpur, Mathura, Bindraban & Gokul
Attack on Kartarpur (Jalandhar)
Taimur and Jahan Khan stay at Lahore
Taimur occupies Amritsar
(Baba) Deep Singh and thousand of Sikhs embraced martyrdom
Battle of Mahilpur (1.12.1757)
The Sikhs occupy Jalandhar
The Sikhs, Adena Bagh & the Marhattas attack Sarhind
The Sikhs, Adina Begh & the Marhattas occupy Lahore
Adina Begh's offensives against the Sikhs
Death of Adina Begh and the supremacy of the Sikhs
Saddiq Begh attacks the Sikhs
Attack by Bishambhar Das and Raja Bhup Chand
Reconstruction of Darbar Sahib
Fifth invasion by Ahmad Shah Durrani (October 1759)
Battle between the Sikhs and the Shah's army
The Sikhs arrest Rustam Khan Saddozai
The Sikhs resolve to attack Lahore (november 1760)
Battle between Marhattas and Ahmed Shah at Panipat
The Sikhs get freed  2200 Hindu girls
Battles around Lahore
Khwaja Khan's attack on Charhat Singh
The Sikhs occupy Lahore
The Sikhs occupy Jalandhar
Sikh's resolve to attack Jandiala and the 6th invasion of Ahmed Shah
Greater Holocaust (5.2.1762)
Ahmed shah again punishes Aala Singh
Ahmed Shah tries to make peace with the Sikhs
Minarets of the heads of the Sikhs
Demolition of Darbar Sahib
History's greatest resolution of Charhdi Kala  (high spirits)
The Sikhs attack Sarhind
Face to face battle with Ahmed Shah
Saving the wife of a Brahmin of Kasur
Reconstruction of Darbar Sahib
The Sikhs attack Jahan Khan
The Sikhs occupy Malerkotla
The Sikhs occupy Morinda
Sarhind Falls to the Sikhs
The Lahore chief Kabuli Mall bows before the Sikhs
The Sikhs occupy Rohtas & arrest the uncle of Durrani
Seventh invasion of Durrani and Jehad against the Sikhs
Martyrdom of thirty Sikhs near Akal Takht
The Sikhs defeat Ahmed Shah Durrani
Battle at Jandiala, Battle at Batala, Battle at Adiannagar, Battle on the bank of river Beas, Battle at Rupar
Durrani begins return journey
Durrani dreads the Sikhs
Reconstruction of Darbar Sahib


The Sikhs take over Lahore
The Sikhs issue Nanakshahi coin
Attempts to attack by the Generals of Durrani
Eight invasion by Ahmed Shah Durrani
Patiala Raja adopts 'Bamzaee' as family name
Ninth, Tenth and eleventh attacks by Durrani
How many Sikh died in battles and holocausts?
The Sikhs become masters of their Homeland
The Sikhs stray away from the Panth of Guru
Taimur expels Bhangis from Multan
The Sikh Misls
Bhangi Misl
Ahluwalia Misl
Ramgarhia Misl
Nakkai Misl
Dallewalia Misl
Nishanwalia Misl
Sukarchakkia Misl
Kanhaiya Misl
Shaheedan Misl (Deep Singh's Misl)
Karorsinghia Misl
          Kalsia State
          Kaithal State
Phulkian States:
Nabha State
Patiala State
Jind State
Role of the Sikhs in Delhi, Gang-Doab & Rajasthan
The Sikhs badly beat Najib-ud-Daula
The Sikhs' ventures in Delhi
The Sikhs Hoist Blue Khalsa Flag on Red Fort at Delhi
Mori Gate and the Sikhs
Baghel Singh's tees Hazari and Pul Mithaee
Construction of the Sikh Shrines at Delhi
Role of the Marhattas in Delhi
An analysis of the Sikh Misls
(Maharaja) Ranjit Singh
Ranjit Singh's occupation at Lahore
Attack on Kasur
Occupation of Amritsar
Ranjit Singh captured Multan
Ranjit Singh Crushes the other Sikh Misls too
Appointment of European Generals
Ranjit Singh in the clutches of Dogras and Brahmins
The Dogras & the Brahmins
Truth of the Stories Associated with Ranjit Singh
Ranjit Singh and the English
Ranjit Singh and the Sikh way of life
Death of Ranjit Singh


kharak Singh crowned and deposed
Murder of Naunihal Singh
Chand Kaur becomes queen
Sher Singh becomes Maharaja
Murder of Sher Singh & Dhian Singh Dogra
Daleep Singh becomes Maharaja
Suchet Sinh Dogra Killed
Killing of Baba Bir Singh and others
Mass enrolling of Dogras in army
Insulting Rani Jindan
Murder of Hira Sinh and Pandit Jallah
Murder of Jawahar Singh
The English plans to occupy the Punjab
Battle of Mudki
Battle of Pherushahr
Ranjodh Singh's attack on Ludhiana
Battle of Sabraon
The English crossed Satluj River
Awards and rewards to the Traitors
Treaty of 11.3.1846
Background of the Traitors
Treaty of Bharowal
Rani Jindan imprisoned
Rewarding the traitor Teja Sinh
Rani Jindan expelled from Lahore
Revolt at Multan
Chatar Singh Attariwala
Injustice to Sher Singh Attariwala
Battle of Ramnagar
Battle of Chelianwala
Battle of Gujrat
The Attariwalas surrender & the annexation of the Punjab
Bhai Maharaj Singh
Arrest of Bhai Maharaj Singh
Struggle by Rani Jindan
Rani Jindan escapes from prison
Rani Jindan gives up courage
Rani reaches England
Last days of Daleep Singh


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