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Sikh History - 9 Hijacking Of Sikh Panth (1996-2011) - Book By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer

Publisher: Sikh University Press
Authors: Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer
Page: 296
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
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Table Of Contents For 'Sikh History - 9 Hijacking Of Sikh Panth (1996-2011)' By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer


Hijacking of Sikh Panth

After the fall of the militants  
Akali Scenario between 1992 and 1995 15
Gujjarwal akhand paath incident 16
High-handedness of the police in front of Akal Takht  
Diwali celebrations re-started in Darbar Sahib 21
Akalis's announcement for holding dharnas and the suppression of the Akalis by Beant regime 'Invasion' of Beant in 'Akali Villages' 23
Mammoth gathering of the Sikhs at Fatehgarh  

Parkash Singh Badal Joins the R.S.S.

Badal decides to barter religion for power  
Uniting the Akali Dals 26
Formation of Akali Dals ( Amritsar ) 30
Badal's men insult Manjit Singh 32
Rachhpal Singh Delhi's drama  
Badal Hinduised his Dal 34
Badal's drama of the 'Sikh Intellectuals Mission'  
Badal changes Akali constitution 36
Akali Dal (Amritsar) form its Executive  
Akali Dal Badal's Executive  
Divisions among the Akali Dal (Amritsar) leaders 38
Akali Dal (Amritsar) emerges as a powerful group  
Badal fails to capture the S.G.P.C. 40
Tohra again manoeuvres for unity  
Dramatic announcement by Ashok Singh Bagarian  
Amarinder Singh and Ravi Inder Singh 'shut out' 47
R.S.S. and BJP reward Badal in Delhi 49
World Sikh Convention and World Sikh Council 50
1996 Lok Sabha elections, Akalis and BJP 55
The S.G.P.C. elections (1996) 56
Amarjeet Kaur joins Badal Akali Dal  

Badal becomes 'supremo' in the Punjab and of 'the Sikh World'

Removing Manjit Singh form Akal Takht  
Badal becomes C.M.  
Vajpayee Government and the Sikhs 62
Punjab BJP'S hatred for the Sikhs 65
Statue of Dr Baldev Parksah in Amritsar  

Badal's treason with the Panth & Punjab

Badal abandons Sikh Panth & Punjab from his agenda Chandigarh  
Udham Singh Nagar and George Fernandez 71
Plundering the Punjab Wealth 75

Clash of Titans ( Tohra versus Badal )

Tohra at Nirankari Congregation  
Dispute with Barjinder Hamdard  
Badal Finally expels Tohra from his Party 79
Gurdwara Judicial Commission is captured/truncated  
Badal warns Talwandi and Surjit Barnala  
Akali Dal supports dissolution of Bihar Assembly  

Badal pays high price for expelling Tohra

Tohra forms his own Akali Dal  
Badal loses Lok Sabha elections of 1999  
Killing of 36 Sikhs in Chittisinghpura (Kashmir)  
Death of Jagir Kaur's daughter 88
Ravi Inder Singh leaves Badal Akali Dal  
Weak position of Badal in the Punjab Assembly  
Jagdev Singh Talwandi becomes the president of the SGPC  
Balbir Pannu dies in car accident  in shameful scenario  
Tohra defeats Badal group in Huzur Sahib Board election  
Badal loses reign of Punjab  
Badal expels Talwandi from Akali Dal  
Paramjit Singh Sarna captures DSGMC 97
Sarabjit Singh DC's book on Black Thunder Operation  
Tohra fails in attempt to capture the SGPC  
Tohra and Badal Akali Dals unite 99
Ravi Inder Singh form 'Akali Dal (1920)'  

Political scenario of the Punjab (2002-2011)

Arrest of Parkash Singh and Sukhbir Badal  
Tohra squanders SGPC money for Badal's birthday  
Rajinder Kaur Bhattal collaborates with Badal 104
Punjab terminates all agreement on Punjab Waters 105
Punjab Assembly debates terrorism in Punjab 107
Congress Party loses 2007 elections  
Badal takes revenge from Amarinder Singh 110
Badal appoints his son as Deputy Chief Minister  
Honouring terrorist police officials  
Arrests, persecution and Killings of the Sikhs 113
Manpreet Badal parts from Badal 114
Plundering the Punjab wealth 114

Badal & the SGPC

Badal's choice of the office-bearers of the SGPC Jagir Kaur  
Kirpal Singh Badungar  
Awtar Singh Makkar  
Nanakshahi calendar  
World Heritage Status for Darbar Sahib & 'dossier' 127

Badal implements RSS agenda in the S.G.P.C.

Singing of vande matram in the SGPC schools  
Badal and Arya Samaj  
Badal promotes martyr Bhagat Singh 134
Neo-role of the clergies in Sikhism & Insult to Akal Takht 138
Drama of the ' excommunication' of Jagir Kaur  
Joginder Singh Vedanti and Akal Takht  
Vedanti tries to help a rapist  
Sikh women and religious services in Darbar Sahib  
Gurbakhsh Singh kala Afghana issue  141
Mohali Convention of October 2003  
Excommunication of Joginder Singh Spokesman 143

Rozana Spokesman and cases against Joginder Singh

Vedanti's negative role  
Gurbachan Singh and Akal Takht:  
Sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib by Rama Nand  
Eye-wash on imitation of Darbar Sahib at Mastuana  

'Excommunication' of (Prof.) Darshan Singh

Summoning of the Sikhs at Akal Takht  
Honouring favourites in the name of Akal Takht 152
The Panth Ratans  
Hijacking of Akal Takht  
(Akal Takht in the grip of Chowk Mehta Dera and the RSS)  

Rise of deraas/jathas/sants/

Nirmalas/Udasis in Sikhism 157
Atar Singh of Mastuana  
Amir Singh Gali Sattowali Amritsar  
Sucha Singh Jawaddi  
Deraas at Rara & Jarg  
Kaleran Dera  
Nahar Singh Sunehrawala  
Karam Singh Hoti Mardan  
Begowal Dera  
Balwant Singh Maksudran   
Ranjit Singh of Dhaddarianwala  
Sewa Singh Tarmala  
Womanisers and Sex maniacs  
Balwant Singh Sidhsar Sihorewala  
Piara Bhaniara (Nurpur Bedi)  
Ashutosh (Nurmahal)  
Gurmeet Ram and Sacha/Jhootha Sauda  
Virsa Singh/ Gobind Sadan Delhi  
Usage of term Sant  
Usage of term Baba  
Sikhs and the graves and temples  

Dasam Granth: A Conspiracy against Guru Granth Sahib

Sirsa dear chief impersonates the tenth guru and insult Amrit 189
Badal's secret dealings with Sirsa cult  
Rama Nand Killed for sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib 192
Badal sends charter plan to bring the body of Rama Nand  
Violence in the Punjab disrupts life of people  
Insult of Guru Granth Sahib by Badal & Gurbachan  
Badal passes law to stop criticism of anti- Sikh cults  

BJP-RSS leaders in Sikh religious functions

Quad-centenary of martyrdom of Guru Arjan Sahib  
Ter-centenary of victory of Sarhind  by Banda Singh Bahadur  
Quad-centenary of revelation of Akal Takht  
Baba Budha's quin-centenary at Kathu Nangal  

Badal's collaboration with anti Sikh cults

Badal and Radhasoamis  
Badal's liaison with the Kookas  
Badal and Ashutosh and BJP:  
Mahilpur incident  
Ludhiana incident  

Current Phase of the Sikh Panth 

France bans Sikhism

Insult to turbans at airports  
The SGPC elections of September 2011  

Punjab High Court's decision  regarding so-called

Sahijdhari/sehajdhari voters

Gurleen Kaur's Case and definition of a Sikh  

Anna Hazare, Ramdev and Advani's 'rath yantra'


Insult to turbans and hair by Badal's police

 3 crores to  Shahrukh Khan for 19 minutes' 'erotic show' 

Inauguration of Khalsa Heritage Complex


Delhi factor in Sikh history

( & Parmjit Singh Sarna)  
Manmohan Singh P.M. as a Sikh 245

Simranjeet Singh Maan phenomenon

Epilogue 253
Unsikh state of the Sikh Panth  
State of the Sikh leadership  
Past, present and future of the Panth  
Appendix I  

Historicity of so-called Dasam Granth


Appendix II

Ashutosh Diveya Jyoti (Nurmahal dera) 281

Appendix III


A list of the Sikh members of the Rashatriya Sikh Sanat's 

Apex Committee and its associates


Appendix IV

Anti Sikh Websites 286






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