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Sikh History - 8 Massacre Of Sikh Youth (1985-1995) - Book By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer

Publisher: Sikh University Press
Authors: Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer
Page: 580
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: SHE216
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Table of Contents For 'Sikh History - 8 Massacre of Sikh Youth (1985-1995)' By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer


Khalistan Movement 15
Scenario after the Massacres Sikhs in 1984 15
Attack on Kirpal Singh and Pritam Singh  
Killings of Lalit Makan and Arjan Dass at Delhi  
Ban on entry of foreigners in the Punjab  
Rajiv tries to tempt Akali Leaders 18
3 Member Panel on the Punjab  
Release of the Akali Leaders  
Akali Leaders approach the father of Bhindranwala  
The Militants launch their actions  
Transistor Bombs in Delhi and other places  
Rajiv Longowal 'Agreement' 25
An analysis of Rajiv-Longowal Accord 31
Another Indian Army Cantonment in the Punjab  
Murder of Langowal 34
Surjit Barnala takes over command of Akali Dal  
Surjit Barnala becomes the Chief Minister of Punjab 36
Persecution of the Sikhs by Surjit Barnala 38
Surjit Barnala pays homage to Indira Gandhi  
Surjit Barnala follows Indira-Rajiv Policy  
Appointment of Justice Ajit Singh Bains Committee 40
Barnala refuses to release Jodhpur detainees 41
Still more Sikhs arrested  
Police Attacks Darbar Sahib Complex  
Sikh youth begin organising themselves  
Surjit Barnala gives free hand to the police 46
Again fake encounters killings of the Sikh youth 47
'Police Cats' infiltrate among the militants 48
J & K and Delhi Government's excesses on the Sikhs  
Barnala Promises completion of SYL canal 50
Ban on entry (of the Sikhs) in border belt  
Fate of Justice Bains Committee: just 26 Sikhs released 51
The police continue persecuting the Sikhs  
Uboke: Police encounters will be investigated  
Simranjeet Singh Maan re-arrested  
The Hindus' attacks on the Sikhs 53
Shiv Sena attacks Sikhs in Jalandhar:  
Santa Singh Nihang's men kill 4 Sikhs  
Kidnapping of Professor Darshan Singh Ragi 55
Case of the killing of 4 Sikhs in Payal 56
Renewed Persecution of the Sikhs  
Police mercilessly beats Sikh Ggirls at Kapurthala 58
Firing by Police on the Sikhs 58
Chandigarh not transferred to the Punjab 59
Fate of the Sikhs that had fled to Pakistan 61
Role of Sikh Students & Bhindran Jatha 64
Fate of Samyukt Akali Dal  
Clash on the issue of the re-construction of Akal Takhat  
Militants plan formation of an umbrella organisation  
Gurcharan Singh Tohra surrenders before the Sikh youth  
Manmoth gathering of 26th of January 1986 69
S.G.P.C.'s Sarbat Khalsa  
Second phase of persecution of the Sikhs by Surjit Barnala 76
Cold-blood killing of four Sikhs in Nakodar 77
Arrest of Bimal Kaur, Maj Gen  Narinder Singh, Rajinder Singh Khurana 79
Barnala Government arrests several more Sikhs  
Police and C.R.P.F. put siege to Darbar sahib  
Permanent Police check-posts at Harike and Beas  
Surjit Barnala uses Hindu terrorists against the Sikhs 81
Killings at Kapurthala  
Families of the Sikh youth leaders arrested 82
C.R.P.F. puts siege to Tarn Taran Gurdwara  
Hindus attack the Sikhs in Jalandhar 83
The Hindus attack the Sikhs in Batala 84
Shiks's shops burnt in Ambala and Yamunanagar 85
9 Sikhs killed in Chandigarh 85
15 Sikhs killed in Anandpur Sahib 86
Barnala brings Ribeiro as the Chief of the Police 87
Militants kill Shiv Sena activists  
Killings of Sikhs in fake encounters 89
Sycophant Sikhs take out procession against Sikhs 89
Persecution of the Sikhs continues  
The Hindus attack on the Sikhs continues unabated  
Militants's daring attack to get their companions released 92
Surjit Barnala plans an attack on Darbar Sahib 93
Entry of Sushil Muni Jain in Sikh politics 94
Declaration of the 'Government of Khalistan' 95
Surjit Barnala attacks Darbar Sahib  96
27 M.L.A.s resign from Barnala Akali Dal 100
Surjit Barnala's drama at Akal Takhat 102
Mass arrests of the Sikhs after attack on Darbar Sahib 105
Several Sikhs killed in May 1986 in fake encounters 107
90 Units of the Indian Army in the Punjab  
Hindu Terrorist attack the Sikhs in Amritsar, Jalandhar etc. 108
Surjit Barnala dismisses initiated Sikhs from Police  
Killing of Sikhs in June 1986 108
Hindus's attack on the Sikh in June 1986 111
Hundreds of Sikhs arrested in June 1986  
Alleged Conspiracy to blow Parliament House 112
Venkatramaiya Commission for Chandigarh 113
Sycophant Sikhs stoop very low to support Haryana 113
Sikhs condemn Surjit Barnala  
Sikh M.L.A.s remove turban of Surjit Minhas 115
Dr Baldev Parkash: 'Hand over Punjab to the Army' 115
Simranjeet Singh Maan defeated  
Amritsar and Gurdaspur handed over to the C.R.P.F.  
Killing of Sikhs in July 1986  
Arrests of several Sikhs in July 1986  
Hindu Terrorists kill Sikhs in Delhi  
Tohra and Badal arrested in Delhi  
Reibeiro's drama in the name of 'Operation Mand' 121
Murder of General Vaidya 123
Several Sikhs arrested in August 1986  
Arrest of Manbir Singh Chaheru & Baldev Singh Ghumman 124
250 Sikhs arrested in J. & K.  
Killing of Sikhs in August 1986  
Killing of ten Sikhs in cold blood 127
C.R.P.F. kills Sikhs working in their farms 127
Militants' kill Communist activists  
Militants jam transmitters of the Police 128
Several Sikhs arrested in September 1986  
Attempts at the life of Rajiv Gandhi 131
Attempt to kill Ribeiro 131
Resumption of fake-encounter killings by the police 132
More than 100 Sikhs arrested in October 1986  
Atrocities committed by the C.R.P.F. 134
Threatening posters against the Sikhs in UP, Haryana, Rajasthan 135
Militants too act again  
Murder of fanatic Hindu Kali Charan  
Arrests of the Sikhs in November 1986  
Hindu terrorists attack the Sikhs in October and November 137
Militants react to the Hindu terrorism 139
Hindu terrorists and the C.R.P.S. attack Gurdwaras 140
Reaction against Surjit Barnala 141
Barnala loses control of the S.G.P.C. 141
Surjit Barnala arrests all Akali leaders 142
Punjab handed over to the Indian Army 142
A fresh assaults on the Sikhs  
Killings of more Sikhs after Novemver 1986  
Cofession of killings of the Sikhs by Surjit Barnala 145
Atrocities by the C.R.P.F. in Brahmpura  
Prof. Darshan Singh appointed Caretaker of Akal Takhat 147
Another gathering in the name of Sarbat Khalsa 147
Another wave of killings of the Sikh youth  
Several Sikhs arrested in January 1987  
Kuldeep Kaur Bedi of England arrested  
C.R.P.F. acts as fanatic Hindu-Nazi force 153
A new attack on Darbar Sahib 155
Militants punish terrorist officials and Police touts  
Biggest bank robbery in the history of the Punjab 157
Showdown with Surjit Barnala  
'Excommunicating' Surjit Barnala 159
Surjit Barnala declares 'rebellion' against the Sikh nation 160
Delegates of Surjit Barnala Akali Dal reject him  
Surjit Barnala launches another attack on the Sikhs 161
Hundreds of Sikhs arrested in February 1987  
C.R.P.F. again attacks Gurdwara Shaheedan in Amritsar  
Police attacks Darbar Sahib  
Murder of Dr Baldev Singh Brar and Abnashi Singh 165
Several more Sikhs arrested in March 1987  
Barnala arms anti-Sikh Sections with deadly weapons 170
21 more members of the S.G.P.C. renounce Surjit Barnala  
Angry Surjit Barnala Asks the Police to be more aggressive 171
Police captures companions of General Labh Singh  
Killing of more Sikhs in May 1987  
Differences arise between Surjit Barnala and Ribeiro 175
Rajiv Gandhi discards Surjit Barnala 176
Ribeiro as the 'Master' of the Punjab 178
Killing of Jarnail Singh Halwara  
Siege of Tarn Taran zone by the Police 181
Another massacre of the Sikhs in May 1987 181
Ribeiro Seals Darbar Sahib 182
Several Sikhs arrested in June 1987  
Militants' reactions against the Police and its touts  
Killing of Sikhs in July 1987  
Invaders of Darbar Sahib  killed in Lalru-Fatehbad 189
Hindu terrorists' attack on the Sikhs in Himanchal 189
Mass arrests of the Sikhs in July 1987  
Convention of the 4th of August 1987 197
Four senior priests support the militants  
Hundreds of Sikhs killed in fake encounters 200
Granthis call a gathering in the name of Sarbat Khalsa  
Permanent army posts around Darbar Sahib 205
Division among the militants 206
Insaaf March stopped by the Indian Regime  
Akalis' 'Five Point Declaration' 207
Resolution for Khalistan at Fatehgarh Sahib 207
Fake encounters killings of the Sikhs continue in 1987-88  
Movement for social reform by a group of militants  
Sushil Muni, Tarlochan Singh Riyasti & Jasbir Rode Card 211
Sushil Muni, Buta, Riyasti hold secret meeting with militants  
Release of Jasbir Singh Rode and his men  
Punjab Assembly dissolved to block release of Mann  
Drama of 'Crowing' ceremony 223
Jasbir Singh appears in true colours  
Indian I.B. suppliers weapons to Jasbir Rode 226
Gathering of the 13th of April 1988 228
Fake encounters killing of Dr Gurnam Singh Buttar  
Operation Black Thunder (Operation K.P. Gill) 231
K.P. Gill becomes Director General of Police (D.G.P.) 232
Attack on Darbar Sahib 234
Law banning use of shrines for political activities  
The S.G.P.C. dismisses the granthis  
Dead-bodies under the debris of the building of Akal Takhat 242
Militants avenge 'Black Thunder Operation'  
Killings of Sikhs in May-June 1988  
Killing of General Labh Singh and Awtar Singh Brahma 245
Division among the Akalis supporters of the militants  
Killing of Bhan Singh and Dr Rajinder Kaur 250
Barnala tries to re-join the Sikh mainstream  
Prof. Darshan Singh re-appointed 'Caretaker Akal Takhat' 251
The Hindus attack on the Sikh procession at Jammu 252
Killings of the Sikhs 1989  
Protest procession against atrocities by Gobind Ram 257
Khalistan sweep the Lok Sabha elections in the Punjab 258
Murder of Harminder Singh Sandhu & division in the S.S.F. 259
Darbar Sahib sealed  again  
S.G.P.C. stops observing 26 January and 15 August 261
V.P. Sinh and the Sikh situation 261
Chander Sheikhar and the Sikhs 262
Militants' attacks on the Akali leaders  
Fake encounters killings continue in the Punjab in 1990  
Battle of Karnama Village 259
Kidnapping of ambassador of Romania in India 275
Murder of Bhai Gurjit Singh 280
Elections to the Punjab Assembly 281
Militants' scenario in 1991-92  
Boycott of elections by Akalis 286
Massacre of Sikh youth 290
Inhuman torture and cold-blood executions of the militants  
Police uses villagers as shield and Gets them killed at Behla 300
Haryana Police kills 3 innocent Sikhs 303
Killing of Gurjant Singh Budhsinghwala 305
Killing of Sukhdev Singh Dasuwal Babar 307
The militants avenge fake encounters killings 308
Police forcibly stops people from attending prayers 310
Killings of innocent Sikhs continues  
Real encounter at Khajala village 315
Harjinder Singh Jinda and Sukhdev Singh Sukha hanged 316
Prayers for Jinda and Sukha at Akal Takhat  
How the Punjab Police plundered the government treasure in the name of rewards 317
Police Chief K.P. Gill Presented Siropa by Chowk Mehta Dera 319
Killing of Jathedar Talwinder Singh Parmar 321
Murder of Raghbir Singh 'Tank' & Bakhshish Singh  Bal-Hukmi 322
Harkishan Surjeet:  
'Beant does not want a political solution to the Punjab problem' 323
Beant threatens Sikhs in other states  
Sikhs stop celebration of Diwali festival in Darbar Sahib 323
Real Battle between the Police and the Militants in Ratta Khudda 324
25 labours digging SYL Canal killed 325
Battle of Khudda Halal 328
Police kills 19 Sikhs in cold blood 329
Another real battle between the Sikhs and the Police  
Dharam Singh Kashtiwal embraces death 332
Jathedar Gurdev Singh Kaonke tortured and killed 333
Murder of Kulwant Singh Saini Advocate, his wife and son 336
Fake encounter of Gurbachan Singh Manochahal 338
Murder of Beant Singh and end of Killings era 347
Some savage torture and sadistic killngs by the Police & its youts 367
Atrocities on Sikh women  
Batala Police district:  
Village Ballewal  
Village Sarchur  
Mari Buchian  
Ludhiana district:  
Some other horrible incidents of rape and torture of the Sikh women by the Police 367
Manjit Kaur savagely beaten and her husband and two brother-in-law Killed (5.5.1988) 367
Mass rape of Gurmeet Kaur and Parmjeet Kaur (April 1989) 368
Inhuman torture of Gurmeet Kaur and Gurdev Kaur (1989) 369
Killing of Joga Singh's family at Khanpur 370
Murder of Balwinder Singh Jatana Family 370
Torturing and killing Principal Surinder Kaur 374
Police kills Charan Singh Kaarsewa Wala and his family and plunders his wealth 375
Torturing and killing Resham Kaur and her infant son 377
Causes of fall of the militants 378
Tribal and jealousy killings 381
Militant organisation of the Khalistan Movement 382
Some real 'encounters' battles 383
Appendix 1  
The Statement of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana 386
Appendix 2  
Role of the Indian Central Bureau of Intelligence (C.B.I.) 391
Appendix 3  
Role of the Indian Judiciary 392
Appendix 4  
The Failure of other National Remedies 398
National Human Rights Commission  
People's Commission 400
Appendix 5  
Evidence of Extra-Judicial Killing in Punjab 402
Silencing the Punjab Human Rights Groups 406
Evidence of Mass-Cremations  
Khalra's Disappearance and the Supreme Court's Order for an Inquiry  409
Report by the CBI & the Reference To  
The National Human Rights Commission  
Appendix 6  
Some of the Methods of Torture Used by India against Sikhs 412
Appendix 7  
Cops Confess To False Encounters 415
Appendix 8  
Disappearances in Punjab 416
Parents or other relatives who committed suicide or died due to trauma  
Relatives who do not know what happened to dead bodies  
Some policemen who became victims of the Punjab Police  
Soldiers who became victims of the Punjab Police  
Destruction of Property of the Sikhs  
Appendix 9  
Indian Terrorism on the Land of Punjab (by Baljeet Singh Khalsa) 495
Black Cats (Police Cats)  
Appendix 10  
Some of the well known terrorist police officials 525
Appendix 11  
'Black List of Sikhs' whose entry was/is banned in India 526
Appendix 12  
Jain Commission Interim Report: 532
Threat to Rajiv Gandhi and his Security from Punjab extremists & Punjab extremists based in foreign countries  
Appendix 13  
Declaration of Independence of Khalistan (made on 29.4.1986) 549


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