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Sikh History - 6 Struggle for Survival (1947-1977) - Book By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer

Publisher: Sikh University Press
Authors: Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer
Page: 339
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: SHE214
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Table Of Contents For 'Sikh History - 6 Struggle for Survival (1947-1977)' By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer


Beginning of another term of Slavery 13
Political scenario of the Punjab in 1947 14
Sikhs are a Lawless People 17
Discrimination against the Sikhs 18
Minority Sub Committee and the Sikhs 19
Charter of Sikh demands 20
Arrest of Master Tara Singh 22
Sachar Formula 25
Akalis refuse to sign Constitution 27
The Akalis for Punjabi Suba 27
Giani Kartar Singh opposes Punjabi Suba 28
Akali Dal asks its legislatures to return 29
Second arrest of Master Tara Singh 30
Kairon's All India Congress Sikh Convention 30
Census and the treason of Punjabi Hindus 31
Naive Sikh elite and Nehru 'the Brahmin' 32
Hindu Code Bill (Personal Laws) 33
Pandit Nehru's outburst against the Sikhs 34
Akali Dal forms coalition govt. in PEPSU 34
Akali Dal Captures the S.G.P.C. again 35
Demand of Punjabi Suba gets impetus 36
Master arrested for third time 37
Nehru dismisses Akali Government 37
Sheikh Abdullah and the Sikhs 37
Agitation for rights of Sikh S.C.s 38
Punjabi Suba Convention 40
Nehru not allowed speech in Gurdwara 40
Akalis loose PEPSU due to infighting 41
Reorganisation Commission 42
Hirdey Nath openly exhibits hatred for Sikhs 44
Congress plans to capture the S.G.P.C. 44
Akalis' massive victory in the S.G.P.C. 44
Punjabi Suba Zindabad Agitation-1955 47
Hindu Terrorists attack Sikh Processions 48
Darshan Singh Pheruman's counter-morcha 56
Attack on Darbar Sahib 62
The Police stopped even carrying of the Karhah Prashad into Darbar Sahib 65
The Police stopped arresting the jathas 66
Publication of the Akali newspapers banned 66
Sikhs protest against attack on Darbar Sahib 67
Government surrenders and withdraws ban 68
Reorganisations Commission rejects Pbi.Suba 69
Nehru brings Partap Singh Kairon as C.M. 71
Mammoth Akali Conference at Amritsar 72
The Regional Formula 74
Terrorist Hindu activities in the Punjab 76
Hukam Singh 'awarded' for Regional Formula 77
Akali Congress Merger/Alliance (1957) 78
1957 Elections 82
Master Tara Singh breaks alliance 83
Hindi Agitation against Punjabi 85
Punjabi Rakhiya Samiti 85
Division among leaders of Hindi Agitation 86
Fanatic Hindus indulge in Nasty attacks on Sikhs 87
Sacrilege of Darbar Sahib by the Hindus 88
Sikhs protest against Sacrilege of Gurdwaras 94
Terrorist Hindus attack Jalandhar Gurdwara 95
Sikh State Conference at Jalandhar 96
Akali Dal refreshes demand for Pbi. Suba 97
Punjab Government Captured the S.G.P.C. 97
Nehru - Tara Singh Pact 100
Formation of Panth Sewak  Dal and Sadh Sangat Board by Congress 102
Akali Dal recaptures the S.G.P.C. 103
Arrest of Master Tara Singh and Akalis  107
Akali newspapers banned 109
Punjabi Suba Agitation begins 110
Atrocities on the Sikh shop-keepers 111
The procession of the 12th of June 1960 113
Arrests in Delhi 113
Inhuman attacks on the Sikhs 114
Police seals Gurdwara Sis Ganj 117
World Press about this procession 117
Akalis begin courting arrests 119
Issuance of an ordinance to awe the Akalis 122
Darbar Sahib under 'siege' 124
Kairon's Zakaria-type Terror 125
Rumour of Police Attack on Darbar Sahib 127
Protest outside the Indian Parliament  128
The Sikhs Protest on 15th of August 131
Sikh raise Slogans during Nehru Speech 132
'Punjabi Suba Zindabad' Balloons 132
Murder of Kaka Inderjeet Singh 136
All the Punjab jails packed to capacity 138
Firing and Killings in Bathinda Jail 139
Fateh Singh announces Fast-unto-Death 142
Nehru's Utterances against the Sikhs 149
Arrests of the Sikh leaders of Delhi 150
Sikhs observe Protess against Nehru's remarks 150
Fateh Singh begins his fast-unto-death 152
Punjabi Suba Conference at Amritsar 153
Release of Master Tara Singh 153
Fateh Singh breaks his fast 155
Drop-scene of the agitation 156
Division in the rank and file of Akal Dal 158
Nehru - Fateh Singh Talks 159
Nehru: Master Tara Singh is my enemy 160
Master announces fast-unto-death 162
Role of the Negotiators 169
Master breaks his fast-unto-death 170
High Powered Commission 171
The Akali Dal is divided 176
Punishment to Master Tara Singh, Fateh Singh and others 180
Opponents of Master defy the order of the 'Punj Piaray' 182
The General Elections of 1962 182
A new Akali Dal is born 183
Formal announcement of two Akali Dals 184
Master Tara Singh looses the S.G.P.C. 186
Achhar Singh caretaker Akal Takht resigns 184
Achhar Singh is President of Dal (Master) 186
Indo-China War 189
Fateh Singh Dal suffers losses 189
No-confidence motion by Akali Dal Master fails 190
New efforts of Akali unity 192
Killings of Nihangs at Paonta Sahib 193
Death of Pandit Nehru and fall of Kairon 195
Comrade Ram Kishan replaces Kairon 196
Fateh Singh groups' hooliganism 197
Master permanently looses the S.G.P.C. 199
Master Tara Singh chooses self- exile 200
Nalwa Conference and 'right to self determination' resolution 201
Fateh Singh announces another Fast 203
Fateh Singh's dilemma 204
Indo-Pak War begins 205
Secret Negotiations with Government 207
Govt announces Pbi Suba Committee 209
Communal Hindus oppose Committee 210
Nanda and Indira try to install Suba 211
Congress Party finally concedes Suba 213
Death of Shastri and Indira becomes PM 213
Punjabi Suba is finally conceded 214
Terrorist Hindu attacks on the Sikhs 214
Hindus finally agree to study Punjabi 216
Boundary of Punjab Suba 216
Punjab Boundary Commission 217
A Funny Resolution by Fateh Singh Dal 219
Punjabi Suba Bill passed by Parliament 220
Struggle for Chandigarh 220
New drama of fast by Fateh Singh 222
Fateh Singh again backs out & gives up self immolation 224
Fateh Singh's lies exposed 226
The Akalis Become Rulers 228
Gurnam Singh becomes the chief minister 229
Floor-crossing by M.L.A.s 230
Killings of the Sikhs at Calcutta 230
First Defeat of the Akali-led Alliance 231
Beginning of horse trading of M.L.A.s 231
Hudiara and Gill announce rebellion 231
Agitation against the Havan Kunds 233
The Akali-led coalition falls 236
Death of Master Tara Singh 237
Gill becomes chief minister 238
Gill's crusade against Fateh Singh 239
Lachhman Singh Gill resigns 243
Akali Dal (Fateh Singh) demands more powers for states 244
Both Akali Dals unite again 244
New elections to the Punjab Assembly 244
Gurnam Singh again becomes C.M. 245
Gurnam Singh supports V.V. Giri as President of India Jan Sangh withdraws from the Government 247
Martyrdom of Pheruman 249
Last fast-unto-death by Fateh Singh 254
Indira Gandhi's Award on Chandigarh 255
Rajya Sabha: defeat of Fateh Singh's man 256
Badal becomes chief minister 257
Jan Sangh gives up partnership with Dal 258
Badal seeks help from Indira Gandhi 260
Badal survives no-confidence 261
Control of Delhi Gurdwaras 262
Akalis loose Lok Sabha elections 264
Fall of Badal Government 264
Badal and Naxalite Movement 266
Akalis suffer heavy defeat 267
Downfall of Fateh Singh and emergence of new Akali leadership 267
Death of Fateh Singh & Channan Singh 268
Zail Singh tries to 'steal' Akali agenda 269
Tohra and the Communists 270
Karnal Agitation (1973) 271
The Anandpur Sahib Resolution 272
Jai Parkash Narayan' Movement 283
Imposition of Internal Emergency 284
Zail Singh surrenders Punjab Waters to Rajasthan and Haryana 289
Janta Party wrest power from Congress 290
Badal becomes C.M. of the Punjab 290
Appendix I 294
Sirdar Kapur Singh's speech in Parliament on Punjabi Suba Bill  
Appendix II 301

The Punjab Reorganisation Act 1966



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