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Sikh History - 4 Rising Out of Ashes (1860-1925) - Book By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer

Publisher: Sikh University Press
Authors: Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer
Page: 413
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: SHE212
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Table of Contents For 'Sikh History - 4 Rising  Out of Ashes (1860-1925)' By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer


Punjab after annexation by the English 11
Administration of the Punjab  
Demolition of the Sikh forts  
Religious scenario in the Punjab  
Academic conspiracies of the English against the Sikhs  
Activities of the Christian Missionaries  
Hinduization of the Gurdwaras  
Positive Impact of Educational Institutions  
The Nirankari Movement 32
Ram Singh and Kookas 37
Destruction of Samaadhs (mausoleums)  
Killing of butchers  
Hanging of Killer Kookas  
Attack on Malaud and Malerkotla  
Kookas blown up by cannons  
Arrest of Ram Singh  
How Kookas became Namdharis  
Kookas stand by the Mahants  
Are the Kookas (Namdharis) Sikhs?  
Kookas and 'freedom struggle'  
Ram Singh and Guru-dom  
The Singh Sabha Movement 49
Formation of Singh Sabha at Lahore  
Teaching of Punjabi in Colleges  
Printing of Guru Granth Sahib and Guktaas  
Singh Sabha Amritsar comes under the control of Brahminic element  
'War' between Lahore and Amritsar Diwans  
Attacks by Arya Samaj  
Electrification of Darbar Sahib  
Hukamnama against Prof. Gurmukh Singh  
Death of the senior leaders of the Singh Sabha  
Contribution of the Singh Sabha Movement  
The Sikh rulers get their daughters married to Hindus  
Formation of the Chief Khalsa Diwan  
Role of Chief Khalsa Diwan  
Darbar Sahib under the control of the Brahmins  
Gurdwara Reform and Chief Khalsa Diwan  
Anand Marriage Act  
Political Awakening among the Sikhs 78
Canal Colonies Bill, Ajit Singh and Lala Lajpat Rai  
Arrest of Ajit Singh and Lala Lajpat Rai  
Lajpat Rai's formal apology  
Lala Lajpat Rai shaved his head and beard  
The Ghadr Movement 87
Before the Ghadr Movement  
Formation of Ghadr Party  
Planning of Ghadr  
Sikhs in Canada and Kamagatamaru ship episode 96
Firing at Baj Baj  
Killings in Canada  
Murder of Bhag Singh, Batan Singh &  
Martyrdom of Mewa Singh Lopoke  
Actions and finale of the Ghadr Movement  
Trials and Punishments  
Causes of failure of Ghadr Movement  
Ghadr Movement and the Sikhs  
The Sikh League 109
Pro-Government group captures the Sikh League  
Sikh League under the Controls of Akalis  
Gurdwara Reform Movement 121
Concept of Gurdwara  
Dastur-i-Amal of Darbar Sahib  
Condition of Gurdwaras at the hands of mahants  

The First Agitation of Gurdwara Reform Movement

(Demolition of the Wall of Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Delhi)

Beginning of the Gurdwara Reform Movement  
Birth of Daily Akali newspaper  
Removal of Arur Singh as Sarbrah of Darbar Sahib  
Gurdwara Chumala Singh  
Gurdwara Babe-Di-Ber Sialkot  
Sikhs take control of Akal Takhat & Darbar Sahib 144
Committee for Management of Darbar Sahib  
Restoration of the wall of Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Delhi  
Control of the Khalsa College at Amritsar  
The birth of the S.G.P.C. 153
Government forms a Committee to stall S.G.P.C.  
Birth of S.G.P.C.  
The election of the office bearers of the first S.G.P.C.  
How was Sundar Singh Majithia elected as President?  
Taking of the control of Gurdwara Punja Sahib  
Birth of Shiromani Akali Dal 173
The First Selection of the Office-bearers of Akali Dal Gurdwara Tarn Taran &(First Martyrs of the Gurdwara Reform Movement)  
Massacre at Gurdwara Nanakana Sahib 185
How the Massacre was carried out ?  
The Commissioner's visit to Nanakana Sahib  
Jhabbar's Jatha to Nanakana Sahib  
Governor's visit to Nanakana Sahib  
Cremation of the Martyrs  
Residents of Nanakana Sahib fled the town  
The role of the Hindu leaders and Hindu Press  
Gandhi created mistrust between English and Sikhs  
The Government turns against the Akalis  
The Sikhs began wearing Black Turbans  
The verdict in the case against mahant and other Killers  
How Many Sikhs were killed at Nanakana Sahib?  
'Hukamnama' for usage of Khaddar and Shakkar  
Gurdwara Bhai Joga Singh Peshawar  
The First Gurdwara Bill 221
New elections to the S.G.P.C.  
Agitation for the Keys of the Toshakhana 228
Maharaja Patiala offers Mediation  
Bedis, Bhallas and Sodhis Support the S.G.P.C.  
Release of Pandit Dina Nath  
Another Phase of Persecution of the Sikhs 236
Gurdwara at Nonar Village  
Gurdwara Heran (Ludhiana)  
Arrests for getting Amrit (initiation)  
Arrests of the Sikh soldiers  
The Government uses Kookas to Create Disturbances  
Kookas drink their urine and call it Amrit 241
Foundation of Durgiana Mandir at Amritsar 245
Guru Da Bagh agitation 246
Merciless Beating of the Sikhs at Guru-da-Bagh  
The Government Surrenders Once More  

Incident at Punjab Sahib

(Hasan Abadal Railway Station)

Gurdwaras at Muktsar  
Gurdwaras at Anandpur Sahib  
Release of the Akalis  
Hooliganism of the Akalis and kaar sewa of Amritsar  
Inauguration of kaar sewa with spades made of gold  
Kharak Singh and other Sikhs not allowed turban in jail  
Elections to the General House of the S.G.P.C.  
Jaito Morcha and Maharaja Nabha 260
Akalis sweep Council elections  
Firing at Jaito 265
Bhai Pheru Morcha 274
Government again tries to use Kookas 275
Attempt to occupy Gurdwara Nanakana Sahib  
The S.G.P.C. and the Akali Dal declared unlawful  
Attempts for a Compromise between the Government and the Akalis  
Releases of the Akali Leaders  
Gurdwara Act 285
Babar Akali Movement 288
Trial of the Babar Akalis  
The Gurdwara Act 1925 (amended up to 1967) 298
Bibliography 386
Index 393


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