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Sikh History - 2 - Great Sikh General Banda Singh Bahadur - Book By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer

Publisher: Sikh University Press
Authors: Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer
Page: 200
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: SHE210
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Table Of Contents For 'Sikh History 2 - Great Sikh General Banda Singh Bahadur' By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer

A. Early Life

Transformation of  Madho Das ( as Banda Singh )  
Banda Singh initiated with Khanday Di Pahul  
Banda Singh appointed general of the Sikh army  
Banda Singh captures the Royal Treasury  
The First Sikh Victory: The Sikhs captured Samana  
The Sikhs crushed Ghuram  
Attack on Thaska  
Thanesar and Shahbad-Markanda subjugated  
Mustafabad occupied  
Attack on Kunjpura  
Victory of Kapuri  
Sadhaura fails to the Sikhs  
The Sikhs seized Mukhlispur (Lohgarh) fort  

B. Victory of Sarhind

Preparations to attack Sarhind  
Malerkotla army attacks the Sikhs of Majha  
Battle of Chappar Chiri  
Date of the Battle of Chappar Chiri  
Banda Singh's treatment of the Muslims  

C. The First Sikh State

Promulgation of egalitarian system  
First Sikh coin issued  
Bahadur Shah gets the news of fall of Sarhind  
Marriage of Banda Singh  

D. Second phase of Banda Singh's struggle

Banda Singh's march towards Malerkotla  
Anup Kaur and Bulaka Singh's Issues  
Hindus and Muslims embrace Sikhism  
Sikh expeditions in Deoband, Saharanpur and Jalalabad  
Punishing the Pirzaadas of Behat  
Unsuccessful attack on Jalalgarhi  
Attack on Nanauta  
Awe in the mind of the umraas (aristocracy) and the ministers at Delhi  
The Sikh's actions in Lahore and Riarki (Majha) area  
Muslim Jehad (Holy War) against the Sikhs  

E. Mammoth Mughal army against the Sikhs

Return of the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah from south  
Bahadur Shah received reports about the victories of the Sikhs  
Bahadur Shah himself leads expedition against the Sikhs  
Banda Singh returns to  the Punjab  
Battle of Rahon  
Battle of Travari  
The Sikhs loose Sarhind too  
Royal forces put siege to Sadhura  

F. Attack on Lohgarh: the Sikh Capital

Lohgarh Fort fails and Banda Singh escapes  
Bahadur Shah orders Massacre of the Sikhs  
Nahan ruler put into cage and despatched to delhi  

G. After escape from Lohgarh

Hill States bow before the Sikhs  
Bahadur Shah launches another expedition against the Sikhs  
Bahadur Shah takes Ajit Singh Palit captive  
Jammu and Jalandhar chiefs Killed by the Sikhs  
Letter of Bhai Mani Singh to Mata Sunder Kaur  
The Sikhs occupy Batala and Kalanaur  
Bahadur Shah begins major expedition against the Sikhs  
Rumour of Banda Singh's planning to occupy Delhi  
Battle between the Sikhs and the Mughal Army near Pasrur  
Bahadur Shah decided to stay at Lahore  
Hindu Raja's (rulers) Kill the Sikh envoys  
Martyrdom of forty Sikhs  
Battle of Bilaspur  
Bahadur Shah's death  
Bloody Battle for the Delhi Throne  

H. Return of Banda Singh

Banda Singh returns to the Punjab  
Farukhsiyar occupies Delhi Throne  
Murder of Jahandar Shah  
The Sikhs lost control of Sadhaura Fort  
Martyrdom  of Bhai Fateh Singh  
The Mughal attack on Lohgarh  
The Mughals demolished forts of Lohgarh and Sadhaura  
Baz Singh separates himself from Banda Singh  
Last actions by Banda Singh  

I. Banda Singh's arrest & martyrdom

Siege of Gurdas Nangal Fortress  
Capture of Banda Singh and his companions  
Farukhsiyar celebrates the capture of Banda Singh  
Banda Singh and the Sikh prisoner's statements  
Execution of the Sikh prisoners  
Denial of a Sikh youth: She is not my mother  
Royal Rewards to those who captured Banda Singh  

J. Tat Khalsa & Bandai Khalsa: a concocted story

Did Farukhsiyar use the Wives of Guru Gobind Singh  
Truth about 'Dispute' between Banda Singh and Binod Singh  
What could be the reality of Tat Khalsa?  
'Dispute' of Tat Khalsa' and 'Bandai' Khalsa and Bhai Mani Singh  
Allegations against Banda Singh  

K. Contribution of Banda Singh Bahadur

Banda Singh and Islam/Muslims 168
Banda Singh and the Hindu rulers/feudal 169
L.The emperors, princes, Hindu rulers/feudal and Muslim generals who fought against the Sikhs 170
M. Places associated with Banda Singh 174
N. Banda Singh's Family Tree 177
O. Rabinder Nath Tagore's poem on Banda Singh 178
P. Historiography//Bibliography of Sikhism 181
Q.Index 187


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