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Sikh History - 1 - Ancient Punjab & Guru Period - Book By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer

Publisher: Sikh University Press
Authors: Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer
Page: 423
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: SHE209
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Table Of Contents For 'Sikh History 1 - Ancient Punjab and Guru Period' By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer


  Ancient Punjab 13
  The 30+ countries of the sub continent (South Asia) 15
  The Ramayana and Mahabharta 23
  Foreigner's attacks on the Sikh Homeland Zone 26
  Alexandra's attack, Maurya Dynasty 26
  Myth of Golden Age of the Gupta rulers 30
  Rule of Harsh Vardhan 31
  Rule of the Rajput Dynasties 33

Political Map of the Greater Punjab

  Mehmood Ghaznavi's invasion of the Punjab 38
  Mohammed Ghauri's attacks 46
  Prithvi Raj Chauhan 47
  Beginning of the rule of muslims 51
  Reign of Balban 53
  Reign of Khaljis 54
  Reign of the Tughlaks 55
  Timur's attacks 58
  Rule of Sayyads 61
  Lodhi Dynasty 62
  Rule of the Mughals 63

Geographical Map of the Greater Punjab

  Five/seven rivers of the punjabi/Sapat Sindhu: Jehlum, Jhanan/Chenab, Raavi,Beas, Satluj, Sind, Ghaggar, Sarasvati. 72
  Six DOABs of the Sikh Homeland: Sind Doab, Chajj Doab, Rachna Doab, Bari Doab, Bist Doab, Sarsut Doab. 74
  Zones of the present East Punjab: Majha Malwa, Doaba, Puadh, Delta of Satluj, Himachal's Sikh zone 79
  Sarvan/Sarais and Kosminars 80
  Religious Scenario of the Sikh Homeland 81
  Birth of Hinduism 86
  Spread of Islam 88
  The Religion of the Punjab 91

Guru Nanak Sahib

  Family Background 109
  Early Life 109
  Refusal to adopt Hinduism 110
  Grazing the Cattle 112
  Truth of Sacha Sauda 113
  Marriage of Guru Nanak 114
  Joining as Modi at Sultanpur 115

Guru Nanak Sahib's Udasis:

  Visit to Sayyadpur. Bhai Lalo and Malik Bhago 120
  Reforming Sajjan Thug 123
  Visit to Pakpattan 125
  Offering water to the dead episode at Hardwar 129
  Story of Sweetening the soap-nuts 132
  Visit to Gorakh Mata/Nanak Mata and dialogue with jogis 132
  Life and Death are in God's hands only 134
  Rejection of so-called Penance, Hoam and Yagya/Yagna/Yajna 136
  Visit to Paryag (Allahabad) 139
  Visit to Kashi (Varanasi), Meeting with Kabir and Ravidas 139
  Visit to Chandrauli: A King too can be a saint 143
  Visit to Gaya, Patna and Dacca 144
  Visit to Kamrup and Ahom (Assam) 147
  Story of Kauda Raakhash (confronting cannibals) 149
  Visit to Bengal and Orissa 149
  Visit to Puri (now Jagan Nath Puri) and Aarti 150
  Southwards and Sri Lanka 154
  Guru Sahib in Dravidland 158
  Sharing with others (Vand Chhakanaa) 159
  Visit to Bidar and Nander 160
  Visit to Parbhas Pattan (Somnath) 161
  Visit to Ujjain, Bhopal and Sanchi 162
  Visiting Ajmer and Pushkar 163
  Visit to Mathura, Delhi, Majnu Tilla and Panipat 163
  Back to Madar Des (Punjab) 164

Second Udasi of Guru Nanak

  Meeting with Duni Chand of Lahore 165
  Visiting Buddhan Shah at Bhatauli (now Keeratpur) 167
  Visit to Mandi, Rawalsar and Jawalaji 167
  Visiting Sumer (Mansarovar) 169
  Amarnath and Pahilgam, Martand, Mattan and Pandit Braham Das 170
  Visiting Srinagar and Baramulla 172
  Punja Sahib, Tilla Bal Gundai and Rohtas 172
  Sialkot: Death is Certain - life-span is not known, Kotla Mian Mittha 173

Third Udasi

  Visit to Mecca, 'God is ULL Almeen' (Omnipresent) 182
  Visit to Bagdad (Iraq) 184
  Visit to Kabul and Peshwar 185
  Dialogue with Jogis at Gorakh Hatri 186
  Visit to Sayyadpur after its destruction by Babar 187

End of Udasis:

  Meeting with Ubaray Khana and Abdul Rehman 191
  Visit to Achal Watala and debate with the Jogis 191
  Visit to Kiri Afghanan village 197
  Bhai Lahina (Later Guru Angad Sahib) visits Guru Nanak 197
  Blessing the gifted boy (Baba) Buddha 197
  Visiting Bikaner, Last Visit to Sialkot 198
  Crowning Bhai Lahina as 2nd Guru, Death of Guru Nanak Sahib 203
  Guru Nanak SAHIB or Guru Nanak DEV 205
  Guru Angad Sahib 213
  Guru Amar Das Sahib 224
  Guru Ram Das Sahib 233
  Guru Arjan Sahib 241
  Founding New Villages and Towns 244
  Compilation of Granth Sahib 246
  Martyrdom of the Guru 248
  How was Guru executed? 250
  Story of Chandu's daughter 251

Guru Hargobind Sahib

  Revelation of Akal Takht Sahib 255
  Formation of Sikh Army 257
  Building a fort and wall around the Sikh city 258
  Arrest of Guru Hargobind 258
  Release of the Guru 259
  Guru Sahib visited Guru-Da-Chakk (Amritsar) after 8 years 261
  The First Attack on Guru Sahib (Battle of Ruhila 27.9.1621) 261
  Foundation of Keeratpur Sahib 262
  Attacks by the Mughal Army (Amritsar 13.4.1634 264
  Battle of Mehraj (16-17.12.1634) 266
  Battle of Kartarpur (26-28.4.1635) 266
  Guru Moved to Keeratpur (& Battle of Phagwara 29.4.1635) 267
  Battle of  Nangal Gujjran (1.7.1635) 267
  Deaths of Bhai Gurdas, Mian, Mir and Others 268

Guru Har Rai Sahib

  Help to Dara Shikoh 274
  Aurangzeb Summons Guru Sahib 276

Guru Harkrishan Sahib

  Meeting with Aurangzeb 285
  The Story of Gurdwara Bangla Sahib's waters  287

Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib

  First long missionary journey of eastern lands 295
  Meditation in the Bhore (basement) 298
  Taking charge of the Sikh Mission 301
  Visit by Makhan Shah Lubana 302
  Second Sikh headquarters at Dhamtan 306
  Founding of Chakk Nanaki ( not Anandpur Sahib) 307
  First Arrest (at Dhamtan) 310
  Second missionary journey of the eastern lands 311
  Kanwar Ram Sinh on Assam expedition 312
  Guru's return journey and his arrest at Agra 313
  The Guru Moves to Chakk Nanaki 314
  Visit of Kashmiri Brahmins & Martyrdom 315
  Religious Policy of Aurangzeb 321
  The Sikh's reactions after the Martyrdom of the Guru 322

Guru Gobind Singh

  Gobind Das becomes Tenth Guru 327
  Preparation of the final form of Guru Granth Sahib 327
  Reorganizing the army and the royal drum the 'Ranjit Nagara' 329
  Visit by Raja Ratan Rai of Tripura 329
  Poets,Artists and intellectuals in Guru's Court 331
  Founding the town of Paonta Sahib 332
  Battle of Bhangani (18.9.1688) 333
  Back to Chakk Nanaki 334
  Foundation of Anandpur Sahib, Forts of Anandpur Sahib 335
  Battle of Nadaun (19.3.1691) 338
  Death of Rani Champa 339
  Convention of hill rulers 339
  The Guru banned cutting of hair 341
  First attack on Anandpur (19.8.1695) 342
  Anandpur and Bilaspur part forever (battle of Guler) 343
  Prince Muazzam (Bahadur Shah) visits Anandpur 344
  Disbanding the institution of Masands & Revelation of Khalsa 345
  Four-day Attack on Anandpur by Ajmer Chand 354
  Guru Sahib moved to Nirmohgarh 359
  Attack on Nirmohgarh 360
  Punishing the Gujjars and the Rangharhs of Bajraur 364
  Beginning of Hola: the Sikh Hola Mahalla 364
  Restoring Brahmin's wife 366
  New attacks by Ajmer Chand 366
  Beginning of Farra ( the truban-flag) 367
  Marriage of Sahibzada Ajit Singh 368
  Last attacks by Ajmer Chand 369
  Siege and abandoning of Anandpur 371
  Battles of Shahi Tibbi 372
  Jhakkhian (Sarsa rivulet) 373
  Malakpur Rangharan 373
  Battle of Chamkaur 373
  Arrest of Mata Gujri and the two younger Sahibzadas 376
  Guru Sahib moves to Talwandi Sabo 378
  Battle of Khidrane-di-Dhab (Muktsar) 381
  Guru's journey towards Deccan  383
  Banda Singh Joins Sikh Faith 388
  Death of Guru Gobind Singh 389
  The truth of so-called  Dasam Granth 392
  Bibliography 395
  Index 404


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