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Shipping FAQ's

When can I expect my order to be despatched after I have made the payment ?

All orders are usually despatched within 24 hours after you have made the payment . Only in some cases where the products are to be produced on order or stock does not match up to the quantities ordered can there be delay but you will be notified about any delays through email . 

I am outside India . How long will it take before I receive my order ?
International orders can take anywhere between 5-20 days depending on your country , the order size and the availability of transportation services within that country . Small orders are usually despatched by Registered Packets ( can take between 10 - 20 days ) and larger orders (above 50 USD) are despatched by courier ( can take about 5 - 15 days depending on your country ) .

I am within India . How long will it take before I receive my order ?
Orders within India can take anywhere between 2-10 days depending on where you are India . If you are in North India you can expect faster delivery times usually 3-4 days .