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Ritualism And Its Rejection in Sikhism - Book By Surindar Singh Kohli

Publisher: Singh Brothers
Authors: Surindar Singh Kohli
Page: 184
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: SPE120
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Table Of Contents For 'Ritualism And Its Rejection in Sikhism' Book By Surindar Singh Kohli




  Foreword 9
  PART I  


  The Sikh should have his faith only in  
  Guru Granth Sahib 13
  Hinduism and Sikhism---  
  Brahminism and its Impact on Sikhism 23
  Impact of Brahminism---  
  Regarding Religious Literature 32
  Impact of Brahminism---  
  Regarding Caste 38
  Impact of Brahminism---  
  Regarding Incarnations 44
  Impact of Brahminism---  
  Regarding Gods and Goddesses 50
  Impact of Brahminism---  
  Regarding Image Worship` 58
  Impact of Brahminism----  
  Regarding Daily Prayers 69
  Impact of Brahminism---  
  Regarding Impurities 75
  Impact of Brahminism---  
  Regarding Fasts 82
  Impact of Brahminism---  
  Regarding Auspicious Moments, Lunar dates,   
  Days and Omens 84
  Impact of Brahminism---  
  Regarding Shraddhas 87
  Impact of Brahminism---  
  Regarding Mantras 91
  Impact of Brahminism---  
  Regarding Grahas (Planets) 94
  Impact of Brahminism---  
  Regarding Yagya-Homa (Sacrificial Fire) 96
  Impact of Brahminism---  
  Regarding Sacraments 100
  Impact of Brahminism---  
  Regarding Gurdwaras and Granthis 104
  Sikhism and its Attitude towards Hinduism 109


  Ritualism  (Karma Kanda)--- 115
  A General Study  
  Ritualism in Hinduism--- 121
  Caste System : Its Rejection in Guru Granth Sahib  
  Ritualism in Hinduism---  
  Sacraments : Their Rejection mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib 127
  Ritualism in Hinduism---Aashrams - Stages of Life,  
  Works Practised by Various Sects,  
  Rejected Works as found in Guru Granth Sahib 135
  Rejection of Rituals in Hindu Bhakti-Cults 157
  Ritualism in Jainism and Buddhism 163
  Ritualism in Islam 171
  Various Devotional Works Rejected in Sikhism 179


Foreword To Book 'Ritualism And Its Rejection in Sikhism' Book By Surindar Singh Kohli

After the publication of two books entitled Death and After and Naam in the series 'Guru Granth Sahib Speaks', this book entitled Ritualism and its Rejection in Sikhism was sent for printing, but the publishers held it up because they wanted some more additions in it. According to them, mere mention of the rejection of rituals in Hinduism or any other religion will not serve the purpose. Therefore a moral critical review of the thought-content in Sikhism was necessary. In this case, I had to rely mostly on the work of the stalwarts of the Singh Sabha Movement, especially on Bhai Sahib Bhai Kahn Singh's appreciable work in Hum Hindu Nahin. This work clearly says that Sikhism has no aversion for anyone and not the least for Hindus. It only expounds the differences in various thought-currents in both the religions. Therefore I have divided this book in two parts, the first part prepared anew with quotations from the Sikh Scripture under the title 'Attitiude of Sikhism towards Brahminic Rituals' and the second part already written under the title 'Ritualism in Indic Religions Especially Hinduism'. However, the third book in the series 'Guru Granth Sahib Speaks' has been published under the title Hari-gun (Attributes of God).

I am confident that the Sikhs living in various parts of the world will be greatly benefitted by this new venture.



Introduction To Book 'Ritualism And Its Rejection in Sikhism' Book By Surindar Singh Kohli

Sikhism, is one of the latest and modern religions of the world, is basically anti-ritualistic and anti dogmatic. It shattered for the first time the hegemony of religiosocial forces previously operating in Indian sub-continent. The Sikh philosophy envisages that a true Sikh loves all humanity, earns livelihood by all fair means, shares earnings with the deprived and strives for the realisation of God by abiding His will and seeking Grace. Thus, the universal message of the Sikh Gurus acquires global appeal.

This book is a valuable critique on the anti-ritualistic premises of Sikhism. The author profusely quotes from the original text of Guru Granth Sahib. He also warns about the Brahmanic rituals creeping in the present Sikh practice and helps the reader to identify the true path shown by the Great Gurus.


About the Author Of Book 'Ritualism And Its Rejection in Sikhism'

Dr. Surindar Singh Kohli, was professor and head of the department of Punjabi, Panjab University, Chandigarh. He Has not only made a significant contribution in the field of comparative religion in general and Sikh Studies in particular, through his works including, The Sikh Philosophy, Yoga of the Sikhs, Outlines of Sikh Thought, Philosophy of Guru Nanak Sikh Ethics, The Sword and the Spirit and The Conceptual Dictionary of Guru Granth Sahib. He is an authority on Sikh scriptures and has made their thorough and critical study in a dispassionate and scholarly manner.  His works are marked by clarity, brevity and scholarship.

Author Surindar Singh Kohli
Pages 184
Cover Hardbound
Language English

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