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Recent Researches in Sikhism - Book By Jasbir Singh Mann and Kharak Singh

Publisher: Punjabi-University-Patiala
Authors: Jasbir Singh Mann, Kharak Singh
Page: 394
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
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Preface To Book  'Recent Researches in Sikhism' Book By Jasbir Singh Mann and Kharak Singh

The initiative for the seven Conferences held in UK and North America in November and December 1990, came during a discussion between Dr. Jasbir Singh Mann of the Sikh Community of North America and Dr. Darshan Singh and S.Balbir Singh Nijjar, President and Secretary respectively, of the Canadian Institute of Sikh Studies, Toronto, while Dr  Kharak Singh of the Institute of Sikh Studies, Punjab was in Canada on a private visit. S. Kuldip Singh Chhatwal and S. Bhupinder Singh Sarkaria of Waterloo were among active supporters of the Proposal. Simultaneously, the idea was also taken up by Dr. Pargat Singh, Dr. Baljit Singh Bagga and Dr. G.S. Mansukhani, President Secretary, and Member, respectively, of the Sikh Council of Education, UK. The proposal was welcomed by Dr. Gurbakhsh Singh Gill, the Roving Ambassador of Sikhism, and leading Sikh Organisations in North America. Accordingly, the President, S. Satnam Singh, and Secretary, S. Jasbir Singh, of the Canadian Sikh Study and Teaching Society, Vancouver, DrN.S.Kapani and Dr.Sabharwal of the Sikh Foundation USA, San Francisco, S. Harjit Singh, Gursharanjit Singh, S. Balwant Singh Hansra, and S. Pritam Singh of the Sikh Religious Society, Chicago, Washington DC, and S. Jatinder Singh Sabharwal, President, the Sikh Cultural Society, New York and Dr. Satnam Singh Dhami of the Trisate Area Sikh Society also joined the other organisations to hold International Conferences at Vancourver, Berkley, Chicago, Washington DC and New York. At their instance the Institute of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh, made a choice of the subjects and the related scholars, with specially in those fields for addressing the seven Conferences. It is our pleasure to convey gratefulness on behalf of the nine organisations mentioned above to the organisers and helpers who have with their labours made the Conferences at each place a success.

We also take this opportunity to profusely thank all the contributors and hosts who have funded the Conferences and offered generous hospitality to the scholars and other participants.

We should like to convey our special gratefulness to the scholars who have very kindly contributed their papers at the Conferences mentioned above. Our deep thanks are also due to Dr. Hugh Johnston, Professor of History, Simon Fraser University of B.C. Dr. Newman, Principal Harbhajan Singh, Kirpal Singh Sirha, Lou Singh Khalsa, S. Kuldip Singh Channi, who contributed their papers at the Conferences, but for one reason or the other could not send their revised contributions.

The papers were appropriately divided for publication in two volumes, this one mostly of papers read or contributed in North America, and other of papers received for the London Conference. Our particular thanks are due to the Editors for their long and hard labour in obtaining, and editing the material. It has indeed been a labour of love in furtherance of the cause that is dear to our nine Organisations. We would be failing in our duty, if we did not thanks S. Manohar Singh Momi for his honorary organisational and secretarial work for the publication of the two volumes.

We are deeply grateful to the Members of the institute for their generous help in the organisation of the Conferences and the publication of the two volumes.

On behalf of the nine organisations it is our pleasure to express our sincere and deep gratitude to Dr HK Manmohan Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Punjabi University, Patiala, for his keen interest in this academic venture involving publication of the volume comprising the North American papers. In this regard our thanks are also due to Professors Jodh Singh and Balkar Singh of the Punjabi University Patiala, for their valuable suggestions.

Lastly, and importantly, we should like to express our gratefulness to Dr. Hazara Singh of the Publication Bureau, Punjabi University, Patiala, for his invaluable guidance and help in the publication of the papers. Infact, the speed with which the publication has come out, and the quality of it are mainlly due to his expertise in the field.

The Editors have indicated the objectives of organising the various Conferences, and the reasons for the choice of subjects of the papers contributed. It is our pleasure in offering these publications for the scholars and the reading public in India and abroad. We hope that these papers will contribute towards projecting an authentic image of Sikh religion, history and institutions, and in creating better understanding of Sikhism, especially in countries abroad where Sikhs have settle. 

We owe a special debt of gratitude to all the organisations mentioned earlier and the Sikh Sangat of the various cities and areas for their liberal contributions, enthusiastic cooperation and participation in the Conferences to make them a success. Our sincere thanks are also due to Dr. Satinder Kaur Mann, Dr.Datar Singh Sodhi, Dr. Amrit Singh Sekhon, Dr. Piara Singh and Sardar Rajinder Singh Walia for their very generous contribution for the holding of the six Conferences in North America.

Maj. General Mohinder Singh (Retd)


Table Of Contents For 'Recent Researches in Sikhism' Book By Jasbir Singh Mann and Kharak Singh


  Page No
  Foreword   (v)
  Preface   (ix)
  Introduction   (xiii)


1. "Fundamentalism","Modernity" :    
           Sikhism A Tertium Quid Noel Q. King 3
2. An Incomparable Liturgy :    
            Sacred Nit-Nem Among the    
            World Religions Noel Q. King 9
3. Essence of the Sikh Ethics Avtar Singh 14
4. The Sikh World-view :    
             Its Ideological Identity Daljeet Singh 15
5. Sikhism : A Miri Piri System Daljeet Singh 43
6. Political Ideas of Guru Nanak,    
             The Originator of the Sikh Faith Gurtej Singh 62
7. Guru Nanak in History of    
             Religious Thought Kharak Singh 73
8. Kinds of Knowledge and Place of    
             Reason in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Gurnam Kaur 91


9. An Integrated Methodology for Appraisal of Sources Gobind Singh  
             for Sikh Studies Mansukhani 109


10. Guru Arjan Dev---The Fifth Nanak    
            An Apostle of Peace Surinder Singh Kohli 125
11. The Doctrine of 'Meeri-Peeri' Jagjit Singh 137
12. Creation of the Khalsa : A Non-Sikh Indian    
             Literary Perspective Himadri Banerjee 153
13. Koer Singh's Gurbilas Patshahi 10 : An Eighteenth    
             Century Sikh Literature Madanjit Kaur 163
14. The Sikhs and the Gurdarshan Singh 175
  British----1849-1920 Dhillon  
15. Sikh Identity Gurdarshan Singh 229
  A Continuing Feature Dhillon  
16. The Sikh Rule and Gurdarshan Singh 250
  Ranjit Singh Dhillon  
17. From Ritual to Counter-Ritual :    
             A Critical Analysis Gurbakhsh Singh 277
18. Some Unexamined Assumptions in Western    
             Studies of Sikhism James R. Lewis 290
19. Sikhs in America : Ranbir Singh  
             Stress and Survival Sandhu 303
20. In the Company of Lions and Princesses :    
  The Sikhs Community in the    
  Canadian Mosiac Jim Lotz 324
21. The Closing Remarks at     
  Vancouver Conference Iqbal Singh Sara 335
22. Misrepresentation of Sikhism in    
  Western Encyclopeadias Kharak Singh 340
23. Need for World Institute of Sikhism Kharak Singh 365
  Appendix I, II, III   383
  Select Bibliography   388


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