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Illustrated Stories of Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed - Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahadur - Bahi Mani Singh Ji Shaheed - Book By Dr. Ajit Singh Aulakh

Publisher: Chattar Singh Jeevan Singh
Authors: Dr. Ajit Singh Aulakh
Page: 96
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: SGE172
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Illustrated Stories of Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed - Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahadur - Bahi Mani Singh Ji Shaheed - Book By Dr. Ajit Singh Aulakh


Baba Deep Singh was born on 26th January 1682 A.O. at Pahoowind (Distt. Amritsar) in the house of Bhai Bhagtoo and mother Jeeooni. He was the only son of · his parents. There are many stories prevalent about the birth of Baba Deep Singh. It is said that Bhai Bhagtoo and Mata Jeeooni remained issueless for fifteen years. The pair was a Guru-ward Sikh. Therefore they believed only the Gurus. They had also a great respect for Guru Tegh Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singh who were honouring the Guruship during their life. Due to Guru-Ward they were leading a happy life living in the Will of God. They had no belief on spirits, cementary, crematory, graves and casting of spell. But due to advance age they were worried how their pedigree would continue. They had sufficient land and there was no dearth of any thing. They were keeping many cows and buffaloes due to which there was no deficiency of milk and butter in their house. They had their own Persian wheel and at the well they had constructed one cottage to take rest. On the right side of cottage there was the Persian wheel while on the left side there was fixed a roller to crush the sugarcane. In winter they used to crush the sugarcanes in order to make stones of brown sugar. Sometimes while crushing the sugarcane they had to stay there very late at night. Then Bhai Bhagtoo and his servant had to sleep in the cottage. Rising early in the morning the servant used to cut the fodder and after placing that on their cart he carried that to the village. After supplying fodder to the cattle · and taking his own meals he was returning back.

One day Bhai Bhagtoo was sitting in the sun shine outside the cottage. A bundle of peeled sugarcanes was lying near the roller and Bhai Bhagtoo was waiting for the arrival of his servant. But in his mind he was absorbed in deep thinking. He was thinking if he had a son, then why should he had to wait for the servants. When he was absorbed in such thoughts then a Gursikh appeared there and after saying, "Victory to the Wondrous Lord" he said, "O great man! You seems to be the Sikh of the True Guru, but how gloominess is covering your face." Bhai Bhagtoo was astonished to see the Saint, he atonce got up and bowing with reverence before the Saint said, "It is our good luck that we had got the glimpse of the Saint early in the morning." He brought one bed sheet from the cottage and spreading ~t on the platform, requested the Saint to sit on that place. Saint sat on the bedsheet with great affection and love.

In the meantime his wife Jeeooni reached there bringing curd, milk of curd, loaves and prepared vegetables. Seeing the Saint she felt very happy and placing pitcher of curd milk and loaves on its proper place she bowed before the Saint. They requested the Saint to share the loaves. Saint did not evade and readily accepted their   offer and said, "I had come here to eat your loaves, I was feeling very hungry. Bearing this Mother Jeeooni became very happy. She realised as if God had come at their well in guise of a man. She had not brought any plate to serve the meals so she put some 'Saag' (green pot herbs) on the breads of maize and adding Some butter in it, she placed that on the hands of Saint. Then she filled one bowl of curd and one flat bowl of curd milk and placed that infront of Saint.' The Saint was eating the loaves with great love and he continued his conversation with Bhai Bhagtoo. He said, "What is the matter you have not yoked the roller yet." Bhai Bhagtoo said, "The servant has not yet returned from the village, when he will arrive, I will yoke the crusher." The Saint pointing towards the Persian wheel said, "Where have gone your children there is no gaiety at the well." Hearing this mother Jeeooni's eyes became wet with tears in it, in a very sad mood she said, "Fifteen years has elapsed since we married but God still has not gifted us with a child." Hearing this the Saint laughed and said, "Why do you feel sad, Gursikhs always remain in the Will of God. There is no dearth in the house of God. In your house also a son would take birth who would be a great valiant warrior and scholar. He would keep the name of your lineage till the dooms day."

After the arrival of servant they were just going to yoke the crusher when saint disappeared suddenly. Next year God gifted them a son who was named as 'Deep'.


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