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Illustrated Life Stories of Guru Gobind Singh Ji - Book By Dr. Ajit Singh Aulakh

Publisher: Chattar Singh Jeevan Singh
Authors: Dr. Ajit Singh Aulakh
Page: 96
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: SGE175
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Illustrated Life Stories of Guru Gobind Singh Ji - Book By Dr. Ajit Singh Aulakh

Guru Gobind Singh, our Tenth Guru is the founder of the Khalsa Panth.

He is the first prophet ever born who had written his own autobiography. This autobiography known as Bachittar Natak is written in poetry, In this book the Guru had also written some accounts of his previous birth. He wrote that in his previous birth he contemplated on the Name of God sitting in the lap of Mount Everest, where seven peaks of the mountain were reflecting a very beautiful background. There he worshipped the God for a very long time. He was so much engrossed in contemplation that he achieved the everlasting fulfillment.

The place where the Guru worshipped God, is called Hemkunt. According to the description given in the Bachittar Natak, the Sikhs have traced that place. Now this place has become a very pious pilgrim place for the Sikhs. A beautiful Gurdwara has been built at the place of his worship. There also exists a natural tank near by, whose water is very pure and cold.

Now a pacca road leads to the Hemkunt. In the way many Gurdwaras has been constructed to guide and help the pilgrims. Millions of pilgrims visit the Hemkunt in the months of July and August every year.

At Hemkunt, Guru ji was instructed by God to go to world to spread. His name and to uplift the poors irrespective of caste, cread or sect.

So we all must know that our Tenth Guru came into this world with a special purpose and with an important mission.

Upto what extent our Guru was successful in his mission, the whole world knows it very well. History speaks itself that the kingdom of cruel Mughal was shattered and ultimately by grace of God, the Sikhs became the ruler of their homeland. In the reign of Maharaj a Ranjit Singh the people of all castes and creeds lived peacefully. Now the Sikhism has become one of the most advanced religions of the world. 

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