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History Of The Punjab - Vol 1 - Book By L M Joshi , Fauja Singh

Publisher: Punjabi-University-Patiala
Authors: Fauja Singh , L.M Joshi 
Page: 354
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: SHE201
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Table Of Contents For 'History Of The Punjab - Vol 1' By  L M Joshi & Fauja Singh



  Chapter Page
  Foreword                                                                Inderjit Kaur Sandhu (v)
  General Editor's Note                                           Fauja Singh (vii)
  Preface                                                                      L.M.Joshi (ix)
  Introduction                                                               L.M. Joshi 1
  Ancient Punjab 1
  The Harappan Culture 2
  The Tradition of the Aryans 9
  Pre-Aryan and Non-Aryan Legacy 12
I Ancient Geography of the Punjab D.C. Sircar 25
  Changing boundaries of the Punjab 25
  Rgvedic geography of the Punjab 27
  Tribal territories in the Rgveda 29
  Udicya or Uttarapatha in early his toric times 31
  Geographical names in the Classical literature 33
  Punjab states and cities mentioned by Hsuan-tsng 37
  The Punjab tribes in Epico-Puranic literature 38
  Alberuni's description of Punjab rivers and routes 40
II Pre-historic Proto-historic Punjab V.C. Pandey 46
  Palaeolithic Age 46
  Mesolithic Age, Neolithic Age 48
  Proto-historic Cultures 49
  Pre-Harappan Culture , Harappan Culture 50
  Kotla Nihang, Rupar, Bara, Dhang and Merhanwala 51
  Sanghol, Dhogri and Madhopur , Rakhigarhi, Mudiala Kalan, Raja Sirkap, Daulatpur, Mitahal 52
  Chandigarh Burials 53
  Copper Hoard Culture, Ochre coloured Pottery 56
  Painted Gray Ware 57
III The Coming of Aryans and their Expansion Sisir Kumar Mitra and Adhir Kumar Chakravarti 61
  Introduction, Evidence of the Rgveda 61
  Archaeological Evidence 68
  Race Movements - Early Vedic Culture 70
  Painted Gray Ware Culture - Later Period 71
  Conclusions 73
IV Religion and Society in the Rgvedic Age  L.M. Joshi 78
  Religion-Preliminary remarks 78
  Main features of the Rgvedic 79
  Rgvedic Gods 80
  Sacrifice in that Rgveda 85
  Munis in the Rgveda 87
  The Kesisukta 89
  Commentary on the Kesisukta 89
  Society 89
  Origins of social classes 90
  Position of women 91
V Religion and Philosophy  in the Later Vedic Age G.C. Pande 94
  Rise of Solar and Abstract deities 94
  Development of monotheistic ideas 96
  Sacrificial worship of Gods 98
  Upanisadic Philosophy 101
  Concepts of brahman and atman 103
  Doctrines of samsara and nivrtti 104
VI Social and Economic Conditions in the Later Vedic Age G.C. Pande 108
  Janas 108
  Origin of the caste system 109
  The Origin and status of sudras 111
  Pattern of family life 113
  Village life 115
  Rise od cities 116
VII Monarchies and Oligarchies in the Later Vedic Age Om Prakash 120
  Sources, Ethnic Settlements 120
  Kuru 121
  Madra, Kekaya 122
  Gandhara, Sibis, Ambasthas, Sauviras, Iksavakus 123
  Trigartas, Yaudheyas, Malavas, Ksudrakas, Prasthalas, Vasaits 124
  Kunindas 125
  Conclusion 126
VIII Political and Legal Institutions in the Later Vedic Age Sudarshan Kumar 128
  Kingship 128
  Assembilies 131
  Ministers 133
  Justice 135
IX Vedic Language and Literature L.M.Joshi 140
  Vedic Language 140
  Evolution of Vedic Language 141
  Vedic literature 142
  The Samhitas 143
  The Brahmanas 147
  Arynyakas and Upanisads 150
  Vedic Sutras 152
X The Institution of Four Stages (Asramas) L.M. Joshi 158
  Origins of the theory asrams 158
  Antiascetic strand in Vedic texts 159
  Post-Buddhist origins of samnyasa 160
  Development of the theory of four asramas 162
XI The Punjab as Reflected in the Epics D.K. Gupta 167
  The Ramayana and the Punjab 167
  the Mahabharata and the Punjab 170
  the Pancanada in the Mahabharata 172
  Karna's onslaught on the people of the Pancanada 173
  the Janapadas and the peoples of the Punjab 176
  Political and Sociocultural life as reflected in the Epics 182
XII Buddhism in the Punjab L.M. Joshi 188
  Origins of Buddhism 188
  the Nature of Early Buddhism 188
  Uttarapatha in early Buddhist literature 191
  Spread of Buddhism in the Punjab 193
  Progress under the Mauryas 197
XIII The Persian Invasions Buddha Prakash (late) 204
  Pukkusati's Kingdom in Gandhara 205
  Cyrus and the Achaemenid Empire 205
  Cyrus's Invasion of Punjab 207
  Imprints of Cyrus's Invansion 209
  His Successors 209
  Darius and his territories 210
  Administration of Darius 214
  Successors 216
  Impact of Persian rule 217
XIV The Macedonian Invasion Buddha Prakash (late) 222
  Ideal of Herakles 222
  Early Impressions on Alexander 223
  Alexander's march 223
  His invasion of India 224
  War with Asvayanas 225
  Alexander's march into Punjab 234
  War with Poros 235
  Different accounts of treatment of Poros by Alexander 239
  War with Kathaians 243
  His return 245
  Different reasons for his success 249
  Question of motive behind his conquests 250
  Consequences of Alexander's expedition 251
XV The Punjab Under Candragupta Maurya Om Prakash 225
  Political Scene 255
  Education of Candragupta Maurya 255
  Meeting with Alexander and liberation of the Punjab 256
  Candragupta's administration 258
  Society and culture 262
  Dress and ornaments 269
  Amusements 270
  Agriculture 271
  Cattle rearing 271
  Industries 272
  Metal industry 272
  Leather industry 273
  Textile 273
  Coinage 273
  Trade 274
  Religion 275
  Saivism 276
  Vaisnavism 276
  Sun worship 277
  Worship of other gods and goddesses 277
  Jainism, Buddhism and Ajivikism 277
  Architecture 277
  Sculpture 278
  Language and literature 278
  Conclusion 279
XVI The Punjab Under Emperor Asoka Romila Thapar 282
  Pre-Mauryan situation 282
  Only a geographical area with no independent history 282
  Asoka as a Viceroy of Punjab 283
  Date of Asoka's accession 283
  War against Kalinga and question of Asoka's conversion to Buddhism 284
  Edicts- an independent idea or not 285
  Sites of Edicts in Gandhara 286
  Language of Punjab as based on Edicts 216
  Condition of Gandhara 286
  Roads and Rest houses 287
  Taxila 287
  Lampaka inscription 287
  Trade and Asoka's relations with other kings 288
  Administration under Asoka 290
  Third Buddhist Council 293
  Spread of Buddhism and Asoka 294
  Evidence from Edicts 294
  Last days of Asoka 296
  Conclusion 296
  Sanghol and Dholbaha Fauja Singh 300
  The Republican Tradition of Ancient Punjab L.M. Joshi 309
  The Taksasila Centre of Education L.M. Joshi 314
  Our Contributors 319
  Bibliography 321
  Index 329


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