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Guru Granth Sahib Speaks -3 Attributes of God - Book By Surindar Singh Kohli

Publisher: Singh Brothers
Authors: Surindar Singh Kohli
Page: 94
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Product Code: SPE109
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Foreword To Book 'Guru Granth Sahib Speaks -3 Attributes of God' Book By Surindar Singh Kohli

The present title Attributes of God---Hari-gun is the third book in the series Guru Granth Sahib Speaks. It is very essential to write on the basic philosophy propounded in the Sikh Scripture, as it will help us to understand the fundamentals of our religion. All the other concepts are closely linked with it. In my opinion, this concept is the central concept, because on the one hand it talks of the Primal Power and on the other it gives us an insight into the discipline, which the follower has to adopt under the guidance of the Guru. A Sikh has to sit at the feet of the Guru, who is the only one to broaden our outlook on life and unite us with our Source i.e. God (Hari). When we say that God is the only one, He has no second, this shows that He is All-Powerful and Omnipotent. He has created a vast universe and all the solar-systems and Himself vibrates through every atom. Therefore, He is called All-Pervading and Omnipresent. He is a Conscious power. He sees and knows everything. Therefore, He is Known as the Omniscient Lord. He has another form as the Primal Guru and this Form of His is there within us, known as 'Kindly Light'. Whereas He pervades everywhere, He is also within us as our Lord and Guru. Whatever He does, he does not seek the advice of any one. All the visible and invisible words are His own Creation. The highest form of creation in this world is the human being, who has been endowed with such qualities, which enable him to rise higher not only mentally, but also spiritually. Guru Granth Sahib equips a Sikh for great excursions into the spiritual world through Naam, the Word given by the Guru. The second book in the present series is entitled Naam.

Sikhism is the practical religion and the remembrance of Naam or Gur-Shabda works wonders for the Sikh. He traverses the highest regions of the universe within his body, which is, in fact, the abode the Lord-God for him. Various attributes of Lord-God, practised by him take him nearer to God. He is Karma-Yogi and his Yoga is not the Yoga of Patanjali or the Hath-Yoga of Gorakhnath. Whereas the Yogas of Patanjali and Gorakhnath lay emphasis on Aaasanas (Postures) and Pranayama (regulation of breath), the Sikh Gurus and radical saints of the Sikh Scripture have totally discarded them. The Yoga for Sikh is Naam Yoga or Gur Shabad Yoga. Through them he crosses the world-ocean and attains the State of 'equipoise' (Sahaj Avastha). Guru Granth Sahib is the pivot for him and through its hymns, he comes to know about the Guru's discipline, which drag him out of the physical and mental arenas.

The Sikhs of the world should try to discipline their lives according to the message given by their Guru i.e. Guru Granth Sahib. If they adhere to the message of Guru strictly, they will shine  like stars and lead others, who are bereft of the flights into the spiritual domain. They will never feel deficient of anything. No disappointment will ever seize them and no malady will ever be the cause of their downfall.



Table Of Contents For 'Guru Granth Sahib Speaks -3 Attributes of God' Book By Surindar Singh Kohli


Page No
Foreword 9
'Attributes of God' Eptiomized in Mool Mantra 11
God's Attributes and Man's Qualities 21
The Relationship of  Lord-God with Soul 33
God is Truth--Jiva must be Truthful 42
God is Immaculate--Jiva must be Pure 53
God is Love---  
         Jiva must Love Him 59
God is Gracious and Merciful---  
         Jiva must be Kind and Helpful 73
God is without Fear and Enmity---  
        Jiva must be without Fear and Enmity 80
God is the Giver and Generous---  
        Jiva must be Charitable and Helpful to Needy 83
God is the Pardoner and the Forgiver---  
         Jiva must Exonerate the Repentent 85
God is Just and Equitable---  
         Jiva must be just and Upright 87
God is Good and Beautiful---  
         Jiva must be Good and Elegant 89
God has Sweet Speech---  
         Jiva must Speak Sweetly 91
Conclusion 93


Author Surindar Singh Kohli
Pages 94
Cover Paperback
Language English

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