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Guru Gobind Singh's Death At Nanded - Book By Ganda Singh

Publisher: Punjabi-University-Patiala
Authors: Ganda Singh
Page: 124
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
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Foreword To The Book 'Guru Gobind Singh's Death At Nanded' By Ganda Singh

The year 1708 has been an important landmark in the history of the Sikh faith and community: it was in this year that Guru Gobind Singh, the Tenth Master, breathed his last at Nanded. He also put an end to the institution of the person-Guru and bestowed for all times to come the office of Guru on (Guru) Granth Sahib or more precisely on the Sabda (Word) as contained therein just before his passing away. Thus, Sikhism has faith only in the ten person Gurus, Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh, and no one else, however pious or enlightened, claim or be acknowledged as such. After the Tenth Master, the Guru Granth Sahib is not just a holy book for the Sikhs : it is the living Guru and an article of faith with them. It is taken as the spirit-incarnate of the ten Gurus.

The tercentenary of the passing away of the Tenth Master and the bestowal of guruship on the Guru Granth Sahib is being celebrated the world over during 2008. These celebrations include organizing seminars and conferences and publishing authentic and reliable literature. The aim is to share with mankind in general the Sikh understanding of Guru and highlight the scriptural teachings which are relevant to and address several of the crucial issues facing mankind today. The need of the day is to stress the fact that as of now Sabda as contained in the Guru Granth Sahib is the Guru for the Sikh community. They need to read it, reflect on it and then live social life in accordance with the message therein. Having faith in anyone other than the ten Gurus and the Guru Granth Sahib is against the gurmat.

This book by Dr Ganda Singh, originally published in 1972, is a beautiful research treatise which addresses the issue academically. It proves convincingly that Guru Gobind Singh, before his demise at Nanded in 1708, put an end to the institution of person Gurus and bestowed the office of Guru for all times to come on the scripture, now known as the Guru Granth Sahib. For this purpose, he analyzed all the contemporary and near-contemporary Sikh as well as non-Sikh sources, sifting the historical from the mythological and fictional. The book convincingly refutes all claims of pretenders who laid claim to the office of the Guru after the demise of Guru Gobind Singh in 1708.

Obviously, the findings of the book are as relevant today as they were when it was first published. The book, however, remained out

                                                                   JASPAL SINGH

Punjabi University

Patiala     Vice-Chancellor

Preface Of The Book 'Guru Gobind Singh's Death At Nanded'

All over the world and throughout the ages, history of religions has seen the rise of pretenders and false prophets. The multiplicity of gods and goddesses, of the so-called messiahs and their successors, and of spurious 'sants' and 'gurus', with pretensions and claims of their followers who preach them up, is a living example of it. This phenomenon is the product of ancient polytheisms with widespread net of exploiting priestly classes whose influence, supported by the vested interestes of the burgeoisie, on the unsuspecting masses has been deep and strong. The result has been that the schismatic leaders have, for their own glamour and glory, not only misled their simple folk from the right paths but have also tried to undermine the fundamentals of their faiths.

India, in common with other parts of the world, has had its own number of religious pretenders. Even the latest of religions, Sikhism - only five hundred years old - with the Unity and Uniqueness of One formless God as its creed, has not been exempt from them. The lure of the offerings of the devotees freely flowing and the importance of the position of the Guru among the Sikhs have led several people to stake pontifical claims. With politics gaining undue weightage from the twenties of this century and the Sikh religious institutions falling into the hands of the politicians, several schismatics going about in the garb of 'Sants', 'Babas', etc., have stepped into the vacuum created by the absence of true religious preachers, particularly in the rural areas, and are trying to establish their own 'Guruships' or deras, claiming to be either the successors of Guru Gobind Singh or his avatars or incarnations. One or two of them are seeking shelter under the fictitious theory of the supposed resurrection, at the beginning of the eighteenth century, of Guru Gobind Singh under the name of Baba Ajapal Singh of Nabha. The theory, with no historical basis at all to support it, is in itself meaningless and incredible. However, an attempt has been made in the following pages to examine this and some others in the light of reliable historical evidence.

                                              GANDA SINGH

Lower Mall, Patiala

February 26, 1972

Table Of Contents Of 'Guru Gobind Singh's Death At Nanded' By Ganda Singh

  Foreword (v)
  Preface (vii)
1 Guru Gobind Singh in Historical Perspective 1
2 His Last Days 4
3 Personal Succession Discontinued -  
  the Granth to be the Guru in Future 5
4 Myth-Making about Guru Gobind Singh 8
5 Historical Record on the Guru's Death at Nanded 10
6 Guru Granth ordained as Guru 18
7 Historical Evidence on the Guru's Last Days and Death 34
8 Genealogical Accounts - Gur-pranalian 45
9 Claims of Schismatics 45
10 No Evidence of Balak Singh's relations with Baba  
  Ajapal Singh 48
11 Baba Ram Singh's Faith in Guru Granth Sahib 54
12 Bhai Ganga Singh's Pretentions 58
13 The Ajapal Singh Myth  
14 Neo-Guruship Doctrine Untenable 61
15 Bhai Kahan Singh's Beliefs 64
16 Beliefs of the Kukas 67
17 Baba Ajapal Singh was not Guru Gobind Singh 69
I RahitNama, Bhai Nand Lai, 1695-1712 77
II Sri Gur-Sobha, Sainapat, 1711 77
III Guru Daswen Patshah ke joti Jot Samawane ka Prasang 79
IV Parchian Sewa Das, Sewa Das Udasi, 1741 79
V Gur Bilas Patshahi Das, Koer Singh, 1751 80
VI Bansavalinama, Kesar Singh Chhibbar (1769),1779 84
VII Mehma Prakash, Sarap Das Bhalla, 1784, 1800 85
VIII Singh Sagar, Bir Singh Ball, 1828 86
IX Bayan-i-Khandan-i-Bedian, Sant Singh, 1865 87
X Hukam-Name (Baba Ram Singh ji de), written  
  1872-1884, compiled by Sant Tehal Singh 87
XI        Pothi Gur Bilas ki, Bawa Sumer Singh, 1873, pub. 1882      89
XII        (a) Panth Prakash, Glani Gian Singh, 1889 90
  (b)  Tawarikh Guru Khalsa, Giani Gian Singh, 1891 91
XIII Gur-Parnalian, Kesar Singh, Saundha, Gulab Singh, etc.    92
XIV (a) Itihas deAn -likhe Patre, Bhai Kahan Singh, 1927. 93
  (b) Gurmat Sudhakar, Bhai Kahan Singh, 1912 95
  © Gurmat Prabhakar, Bhai Kahan Singh, 1922     . 95
  (d) Gurmat Martand, Bhai Kahan Singh, 1962 95
XV Tasvir Zabat ho gei, 'Asli Qaumi Dard',  
  February 18 1928 96
XVI       Bhagat Lachhman Singh ji de Not, 1935 97
XVII Sardar Narotam Singh ji Barrister, A bbotabad,  
  de Lekh, 1940 101
XVIII Extracts from Persian and Urdu Works  
i Ibrat Namah Swaneh, Miraza Muhammad Harisi,  
  1115-11131 A.H. 1703A.D. 107
ii Bayan-i-Khandan-i-Karamat Nishan-i-Bedian,  
  Munshi Sant Singh, May 1865 107
iii (a)      Ibrat Namah, Sayyed Mohd. Qasim Lahauri,  
  1722 A.D. 107
  (b)     Ibrat Maqal, Sayyed Mohd. Qasim Lahauri,  
  1731 A.D. 107
iv Chahar Gulshan Akhbar-un -Nawadir (Chatur Gulshan  
  Khulasat-un-Nawadir), Rai Chaturman, 1173 A.H.,  
  1759 A.D. 107
v Majma-ul-Akhbar, Harsukh Rai, 1214-1220 A.H.,  
  1799-1805A.D. 108
vi Tarlkh-i-Bahar-ul-Mawwaj, vol. 1, Tarlkh-i-Muzaffal,  
  Muhammad Ali Khan, Ansari, 1810. 108
vii Mirat-ul-Ahwal-i-Jahan, Ahmad bin Muhammad Ali,  
  1225 A.H., 1810 A.D.' 108
viii Tawarikh -i-Sikhan, Khushwaqt Rai, 1812 108
ix Tawarikh -i-Hind, Bayan Ahwal-i-Mulk-i-Hind wa  
  Maluk-i-an, Ahmad Shah Batalia. 1233 A.H.,  
  1817 A.D. 108
x Umdat-ut-Tawarlkh, Munshi Sohan Lai Suri, 1849,  
  printed 1855 108
xi Khalis Namah, Ratan Chand Bal, 1846 108
xii (a)      TawarIkh-i-Panjab;Bute Shah, 1848 108
  (b)      Tawarikh-i-Panjab; Bute Shah, abridgment        108
xiii       Zafar Namah -i-Ranjit Singh, Kanhaiya Lal Hindi,  
  printed, 1876 108
XIX        Statement of Hony Secretary, Godateer Itihas  


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