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Edicts Of Sri Akal Takht Sahib - Book By Roop Singh

Publisher: Singh Brothers
Authors: Roop Singh (Author)
Page: 368
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Introduction To 'Edicts of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib' By Roop Singh

Sri Akal Takhat Sahib is the supreme institute of Sikh sovereignty established by sixth Master Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. Sikh psyche is emotionally attached to this central seat and the community looks towards it in the event of any critical situation. This sovereign seat offers guidance to the Panth in the matters of religious, social and political issues related to the Sikhs.

An endeavour has been made to consolidate all the edicts, orders and communiques ordained from this highly esteemed seat during the last century. These documents of royalist and religious eminence stand testimony to vouchsafe historical writings and support rational analysis of the futuristic events to happen in the continuous annals human life.

The work in itself offers its eminent importance in the fields of research and critical analysis of ensuing human issues in the light of past practices that have been pursued as a continuous process towards building a society with comprehensive sense of welfare of all beings living on this planet.


About the Author Of 'Edicts of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib'

Roop Singh (b. 20.4.1963) justifiably claims his competence in his scholarly pursuits basically by virtue of his academic degrees with Master in Punjabi and Religious Studies. He entered the portals of Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee to work as an Editor of the monthly organ Gurmat Prakash for more than nine years. By virtue of his undeterred diligence, absolute dedication and astute sense of analysis, he could ascertain his acumen of word-worthiness by popularising this purely religious organ among the Sikh world.

Having acquired his academic proficiency from the Gurmat College Patiala, this illustrious scholar could experience deep understanding of Gurmat Ideology in the company of highly learned Sikh intellectuals. Evidently, he exhibits absolutely clear and concrete understanding of every point of the Guru-axioms but feels remorse about the ones spreading flimsy interpretations.

Acclaimed and honoured by many an eminent panthic institute, S. Roop Singh is fully engrossed in scholastic studies of research in the Sikh religion and history. He has published a good number of books related to the Sikh religion and history and is regular contributor to magazines, newspapers and media channels through his illuminating writings. Recently, the Punjab Government has awarded him for his writings in Gurmat Literature, and Sri Akal Takhat Sahib has bestowed him with the honour of 'Sikh-Scholar'. 


Preface To 'Edicts Of Sri Akal Takht Sahib' By Roop Singh

While writings a Preface to the book Hukamnamei Adesh Sandesh - Orders, Directives and Communiques, I have in my mind the questions connected with Hukamnamas. These questions are not one-sided; but are multi-layered. The traditional devotion is still firm in the mind of an ordinary Sikh. But the possibilities of abduction of such a pure and pious sensitivity have increased much in the present than before. In creating this situation, no one can be called safe out of ours and others. If the inheritors become  negligent, ignorant and greedy, the others speaking from a distance take it as a free game. Now the state of affairs has reached this extent that, in Sikh academics also, most of the writings are being written under a reactionary approach. This is not a Guru-oriented  approach.The Guru way is to draw our line long. It gets confirmed from the contribution of the contributors of contemplation of Sikh religion (from Bhai Gurdas to Bhai Vir Singh ). Sikh academics has to be said lagging behind time. But along with, it has not succeeded in taking care of its heritage. Most of the sources connected with heritage have either gone lost or have been considered as irrelevant. We have still not been able to develop the culture of preserving documents related with our central institutions. It has impeded the path of independent installation  of the reflections of Sikh religion. The preamble of national self-reflectiveness is being fulfilled neither by the institutions and nor by the administrative class. The pure freshness of traditions is being sacrificed at the altar of ignorantly supposed ideas. Now the time is not of pin-pointig the responsibility; rather it is of accepting the responsibility. It can be possible only if there be developed a service-supporting Sikh spirit rather than taking them as authority based officialities. Its provision is firmly intact  in Sikh religious conscience. The need is to activate its consciousness. It can be possible only by turning towards Gurbani. Therefore, we will have to take care of our resource heritage most competently. This book of Rook Singh can be accepted as a step in this direction.

This book has two parts. The first part relates with the connection of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib with Hukamnamas, their origin, history and tradition; Guru-Panth, tradition and history; Quin-presidium, tradition and history ; Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, Hukamname; Punishment and the Accused, tradition and history.Second, and the actual part gives the original version of Hukamnamas issued in the present times. What is available has been brought forth by Roop Singh, and what is required has been left as the responsibility of scholars and readers. Through this introduction, I am trying to proceed with the issue already begun with. History of the Hukamnamas of Guru-period is available. But it is difficult to establish any relation between the Hukamnamas of Guru-period and that of the present times. During the Guru-period, there was no need of issuing a Hukamnama through a Jathedar. Bhai Gurdas, the first Jathedar, did not issue any Hukamnama. Even during the post Guru-period, no Hukamnama is available in written form related with Bhai Mani Singh (upto 1794); Nawab Kapur Singh (upto 1819 Samvat); Jassa Singh Ahluwalia (upto 1840 Samvat) and Akali Phoola Singh (upto 1876 Samvat). After this, the management of Sri Akal Takhat has been running as per the will of English government. They had no objection even during the Jathedarship of Budha Dal. Under their leadership, Arur Singh was the Manager (upto 1920 A.D.). In Akali version, Teja Singh Bhuchar became the first Jathedar (1920-21 A.D.). The first Hukamnama included in this book is the one issued against Professor Gurmukh Singh in 1887 A.D. No such Hukamnama did ever take place. Whatsoever were issued were mostly in the form of appeal in name of the Panth. So the Hukamnanas that have found focus in this book are related to the time after the beginning of Gurdwara Reform Movement  in 1920 A.D. As such, these Hukamnamas find relation with Akalis, and with these Hukamnamas comes forth the Akaliness of Akali though Roop Singh has felt no need to make a mention of this.

Provision of keeping independent the status of Jathedar is there in Gurdwara Act and the word 'Head Minister' used for Head Granthi is quite clear. In the reference, I presented one resolution in capacity of being member os Dharam Parchar Committee and it got passed during the presidentship of Jathedar Gurcharan Singh Tohra. Actually, all this issue came up because of the use o fthe word 'Head Minister', as in the Act, for the Jathedar of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib. It was the need of Akali politics, and it can be also, but the institution 'Takhat' has no longer remained independent with this. Shiromani Committee has, no doubt, endeavoured to keep the appointment of Jathedar free from the service rules applicable to Committee but it is not possible to keep it free under the prevailing management. Result is there before all of us. Jathedarship has become difficult without being a part of click with some politician. That is why, the Hukamnamas and Award of Punishments or exonerations therein got semblance of institutional decrees. The Panthic compulsion to accept those has gone weak and its acceptance or non-acceptance, as per convenience, has taken the upper hand. Panthic way also allows the mode of making resolutions. But the Hukamnamas which, rather than the Panthic will, have become Jathedar's one-sided will and, therefore, have become an impediment in establishing an independent status of Jathedar. Panth is a metaphorical name for comprehensive Sikh consciousness. So, Panth cannot be conceived in factions though Sikh politics has surrendered itself before its compulsion to accept Panth in factions, and has made Takhats also a part in it. So, the quin-presided Panth-approved institution of Hukamnama has been moulded as per local needs. Panthic process of electing the Jathedar has been poured out of Panthic conscience. What a politician has to accept; since politics has become such a vicious way where any wicked or dishonourable mode has been considered valid for appeasement of their selfishness. It can easily be understood in Guru's parlance: Kaljug(i) rath (u) agan (i) ka. All the various layers of falsehood depicted in Gurbani make best assessment of the present politics. A Sikh politician has become part of it though its concordance can be stirred among the conscious domains of Sikh community without antagonizing any politician. Here we have no space for its elucidation. But its dodderic effect is fully apparent from the Hukamnamas. Written form of the Hukamnamas issued in recent times has come first time before us. May be the book open a way of thinking in this direction. Reflection of Akal Takhat Sahib has ever been delineated through the Hukamnamas but its relevant assessment has never been carried out as yet. I visualize this issue becoming a topic for research in universities. Other issues like 'Institution of Jathedarship' 'Jathedar versus Shiromani Committee', 'Political Role of Takhats' and 'Hukamname versus Sikh Mentality', are also in the waiting for discussion. With this have increased possibilities of the book becoming reference book.

Keeping in mind the history of Hukamnamas, it can be said that the extreme need of Hukamnama should come up only when all other means are exhausted. But for some time back, this has not been kept in view, and the results are well before us. Hukamnama has never remained a medium of intimidation and neither should it become as a right of authority. Hukamnama has ever been a mark of morality representing the Sikh mentality, and it should remain so. This book is a step towards making clear such things, no doubt, but the challenge of moving it further is stand still as yet. If we shall not move in this direction, any scholar, standing at a distance, shall bring forth his own will rather than the Panthic will. Already under pretext of the manuscript, a lot of energy has been spent in solving the question-free publication of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Rather than wasting time in confronting with this academic approach, we should bring forth the Sikh originating literature. There is no dearth of it. But this being particularly in the form of manuscripts and in Punjabi script, in general, it is not within the scope of research approach. Punjabi University Patiala has taken in hand the project of translating into English the Mahan Kosh by Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha. This is a good job and the example should be followed by other academic institutions also. Sikh institutions are not so much devoted towards academics as much is required in the present. That is why, no Sikh institution has ever made any planned project to use the available scholarship in some methodic manner. The community is fortunate that it has with it a publishing house like Singh Brothers. So, along with Roop Singh, Gursagar Singh also is genuine deservant of felicitations. It is my fervent beliefthat this book shall get immense response from readers and research scholars.


Table Of Contents For 'Edicts Of Sri Akal Takht Sahib' By Roop Singh                                                                                



  Blessings                                                             -Bhai Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi 15
  Preface                                                                                -Dr. Balkar Singh    17
  Foreword                                                                              -Roop Singh 21
  Acknowledgement                                                               -Roop Singh    25
1. Sri Akal Takhat Sahib 27
2. Guru-Panth : Tradition and History 38
3. The Quin Presidium : Tradition and History 42
4. Hukamnama - Tradition and History 47
5. Sri Akal Takhat Sahib : The Edicts 55
6. Punishment and the Accused : History and Tradition 61
1. Regarding Prof. Gurmukh Singh 69
2. Regarding the Gursikhs of Baj-Baj Ghat 70
3. Calling the assembly of representatives 71
4. Debarring Gurdial Singh from the honour of Sikhism 72
5. Government's fresh attack on Akal Takhat 73
6. Squad of 500 Singhs 75
7. Punishment to Baba Kartar Singh Bedi 76
8. Punishment to Bhai Narain Singh 77
9. Ex-communication of Baba Teja Singh and Bibi Niranjan Kaur 77
10. Regarding Sangat and Pangat 78
11. Message at Deepawali 79
12. From which the Panth is separated 79
13. Punishment to Master Tara Singh and the working committee 80
14. Giani Bhag Singh Ambala ex-communicated 83
15. Fake Nirankari ex-communicated 84
16. Decision to solve the Panth crises 85
17. Jathedar Jagdev Singh Talwandi and Jivan Singh Umranangal declared 'accused' 87
18. Jathedar Santokh Singh declared 'assuced' 90
19. Punishment awarded to Jathedar Santokh Singh 92
20. Shiv Singh Bela declared 'accused' 93
21. Punishment to Shiv Singh Bela 94
22. Regarding withdrawl of Army from Sri Darbar Sahib complex 95
23. Regarding re-construction of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib 96
24. Bhai Santa Singh declared 'accused 97
25. Bhai Santa Singh ex-communicated 98
26. Regarding free glimpses and honour of service 100
27. Bhai Bikramjit Singh and Bhai Narain Singh declared 'accused' 102
28. Regarding re-contruction of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib 103
29. Punishment to Bhai Bikramjit Singh 104
30. Giani Zail Singh declared 'accused' 105
31. Buta Singh declared 'accused' 108
32. Jathedar Rachhpal Singh Delhi and Jathedar Kartar Singh Takkar declared 'accused' 110
33. Punishment to Bhai Rachhpal Singh and Bhai Kartar Singh Takkar 111
34. Regarding construction of barrage in the Amrit Sarovar. 112
35. Banning the naming of Sabha/Societies  per name of Sri Harimandar Sahib 113
36. Non-illumination out of resentment at Guru Nanak's Gurpurab. 114
37. Narain Singh Kaleran ex-communicated 115
38. Buta Singh ex-communicated 116
39. Regarding amendments in Sikh Code of Conduct. 117
40. Prohibiting the use of casteism 117
41. Regarding Anand Sahib 118
42. Punishment to Baba Charan Singh 119
43. Punishment to Giani Gurbachan Singh 119
44. Regarding Kar-Sewa of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib 121
45. Calling of Sarbat-Khalsa 123
46. Why Sarbat Khalsa at Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib 124
47. Clarification from Surjit Singh Barnala 126
48. Service to Surjit Singh Barnala 126
49. Punishment to Bhai Balkar Singh, Bhai Ganda Singh 127
50. Regarding Panthic unity 129
51. Re-organisation of Shiromani Akali Dal 130
52. Surjit Singh Barnala declated 'accused' 132
53. Surjit Singh Barnala ex-communicated from the Panth 133
54. Rachhpal Singh Delhi declared 'accused' 136
55. Rachhpal Singh Delhi ex-communicated from the Panth 137
56. Religious practices at Harimandar Sahib 139
57. Punishment to Surjit Singh Barnala 140
58. Punishment to Gurbachan Singh Bhatia, Sher Singh etc. 141
59. Punishment to Dr. Piar Singh 142
60. Punishment to Buta Singh 143
61. Punishment to Rachhpal Singh 145
62. Rachhpal Singh ex-communicated from the Panth 147
63. Punishment to Dr. Pashaura Singh 149
64. Clarification from Gurmukh Singh 152
65. Clarification from Mahant Manjit Singh 153
66. Punishment to Mahant Manjit Singh 155
67. Directive to Publishers/Printers 157
68. Punishment to Gurmukh Singh 158
69. Ranjit Singh Brahmpura and Ranjit Singh Chhajjalwaddi summoned at Sri Akal Takhat Sahib 159
70. Punishment to Ranjit Singh Chajjalwaddi 161
71. Punishment to Ranjit Singh Brahampura 162
72. Regarding laxity in Shiromani Akali Dal 164
73. Honouring Prof. Gurmukh Singh 165
74. Permission to women for doing service in Harimandar Sahib 166
75. Restriction on equality with historical Sikh-Shrines 167
76. Punishment to Rangil Singh 169
77. Non-display of Sri Guru Granth Sahib at Marriage Palaces/Hotels 170
78. Sharing of Langar sitting in rows at floor. 171
79. Gurmukh Singh Nanaksar ex-communicated from the Panth 172
80. Publication of sacred scriptures of Sri Guru Granth Sahib 173
81. Harvinderpal Singh, Harbhajan Singh declared 'accused' 174
82. Punishment to Bhai Atma Singh and others 175
83. Directive to Sant Bhagwan Singh and Trustees 176
84. Punishment to Bibi Amarjit Kaur, former MP 177
85. Six Sikhs of Canada declared 'accused' 178
86. Six Sikhs of Canada ex-communicated 179
87. Punishment to Bhupinder Singh 180
88. Piara Singh Bhaniara ex-communicated 181
89. Punishment to Ragis reciting fake Bani 182
90. Punishment to Avtar Singh Hitt and Atma Singh 183
91. Preet Singh Sandhu (Canada) ex-communicated 184
92. Bhai Sewa Singh Pehowa declared 'accused' 185
93. Mohinder Singh SDO ex-communicated from Panth 185
94. Directive to Akali High Command 186
95. Punishment to Bhai Joginder Singh, Gurmail Singh 188
96. Bibi Jagir Kaur ex-communicated from the Panth 189
97. Ex-communication of Giani Bhagwan Singh , Giani Kewal Singh, Prof. Manjit Singh, Pritam Singh Bhatia, Jaswinder Singh Advocate 190
98. Directive to Singh Sahibaan, Bibi Jagir Kaur and Members Shiromani Committee 191
99. Punishment to Bhai Pritam Singh 192
100. Ex-communication of Raghujit Singh, Satnam Singh, Gurpal Singh, Pritam Singh-Members executive committee. 193
101. Declarations made by former Jathedar Singh Sahib Giani Puran Singh rendered invalid and improper. 194
102. Regarding Bhai Niranjan Singh Ragi 197
103. Regarding Sangat and Pangat 198
104. Punishment to Rattan Singh 199
105. Punishment to Baba Santa Singh 200
106. Directive against female foeticide 201
107. Directive to Manmohan Singh and family 202
108. Punishment to Dr. Ranbir Singh and Niranjan Singh 203
109. Punishment to M/s Chatter Singh Jiwan Singh 204
110. Directive against participating in functions arranged by Piara Singh Bhaniara 205
111. Punishment to Iqbal Singh, Surinder Singh 206
112. Punishment to Gurdev Singh Badal, Kewal Singh Badal and Amrik Singh Aliwal 207
113. Punishment to Jarnail Singh Thekedar, Jagjivan Singh, Bibi Manjit Kaur 208
114. Punishment to Bhai Balbir Singh, Bibi Manjit Kaur 209
115. Punishment to Bhai Balbir Singh Chandigarh, Bhai Daler Singh Patiala 210
116. Punishment to Bhai Shamsher Singh 211
117. Punishment to Gurdev Singh, Gurmukh Singh and Bhajan Singh 212
118. Punishment to Mohinder Singh President and Paramjit Singh Secretary 213
119. Punishment to Bhai Jagjit Singh Khalsa (Nawan Shehar) 214
120. Punishment to Bhai Dhanwant Singh, Dr. Satnam Singh Deep 215
121. Punishment to Jasbir Singh 'Katha-Vachak' and others 216
122. Punishment to Bhai Baldev Singh (Gurdaspur) and Bhai Sarbjot Singh (Amritsar) 217
123. Punishment to Bhai Gurdeep Singh Granthi (Gurdaspur) 218
124. Punishment  to Bhai Nishan Singh Nangal (Hoshiarpur) and others 219
125. Punishment to (Sant) Harmeet Singh and Bhai Balbir Singh Ragi 221
126. Punishment to S. Jaswant Singh (Amritsar) and others 222
127. Punishment to Bhai Sukha Singh of Mathaula (Gurdaspur) 223
128. Punishment to Bhai Mohinder Singh SDO 224
129. S. Gurbax Singh Kala Afghana ex-communicated 225
130. Punishment to the successor of Baba Narayan Singh 226
131. Punishment to Bhai Mohinder Singh Romana 227
132. Religious service to S. Kulwant Singh, former Secretary SGPC 229
133. Punishment to Mahant Jagmohan Singh Sewapanthi 230
134. Joginder Singh (Spokesman) declared 'assused' 231
135. Joginder Singh (Spokesman) ex-communicated from Panth 232
136. Punishment to Bhai Bhagwant Singh Granthi village Radala and others 234
137. Punishment to Bhai Ranjit Singh, Chief Manager, Dasmesh Darbar and others 235
138. Punishment to Satnam Singh Nihang  236
139. Punishment to S. Sarbjit Singh, Vill. Madan Heiri (Ropar) 236
140. Religious service to Baba Sarup Singh Chandigarh  237
141. Forgiveness to Bhai Balwant Singh Sihorewala 238
142. Punishment to S. Jagdish Singh Jhinda and others 239
143. Punishment to Bhai Jagdev Singh vill. Tambo Wala (Ferozepur) 240
144. Prof. Darshan Singh declared 'accused' 241
145. Prof. Darshan Singh Ragi ex-communicated 242
146. Religious service to S. Desveer Singh Saharanpur 244
147. Punishment to Bhai Mohinderpal Singh Parha Ragi Agra and others 245
148. Punishment to S. Navtej Singh Kaoni, Member SGPC 245
149. Punishment to S. Sukhwant Singh Theh Gujjar, Member SGPC 246
150. Bhai Dharam Singh Nihang declared 'accused' 247
151. Punishment to S. Gurmail Singh, Head Dera Kahna Dhesian and others. 248
1. Decision regarding Jathedar Gurcharan Singh Tohra and Captain Amarinder Singh 251
2. Directive to S. Parkash Singh Badal 252
3. Regarding anti-Panthic activities of Ashutosh 253
4. Directive to S. Parkash Singh Badal 254
5. Directive the Managers of Sri Harimandar Sahib 255
6. Regarding committees of Jathedars of Takhats 256
7. All members of Gurdwara Sahib, Bibi Wala (Bathinda) 257
8. Regarding Raagmala 258
9. Directive to Giani Gurdit Singh 259
10. S. Sukhwinder Singh (Hansra) (Gurdwara Ontario Canada) 260
11. Directives to S. Harbhajan Singh (Matharoo) and others. 262
12. Regarding sound system in Gurdwaras 263
13. Religious service to Bhai Daljit Singh Chicago 263
14. Directive regarding Simranjit Singh (Mann) and others 265
15. Religious service to Simranjit Singh (Mann) and others 266
16. Appointment of Granthi Singhs in Sri Harimandar Sahib 267
17. Regarding Inder Singh Ghagga 270
18. Religious service to Bhai Jagdish Singh Maneypur and others. 271
19. Regarding the Head, Dera Sacha Sauda 272
20. Regarding Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh 274
21. About dispute of Dasam Granth 275
22. One thing one time in the congregation 276
23. Regarding building in Mastuana as replica of Sri Harimandar Sahib 277
24. Directive regarding installation of Nishan Sahib 278
25. Restriction on speeches of Prof. Darshan Singh on Religious  stages 279
26. Sikh Code in Gurdwaras in Manila and Phillipine 280
27. Amendments in Nanakshahi Calendar 281
28. Directive regarding receipt of scriptures of Sri Guru Granth Sahib 282
29. A chance to Prof. Darshan Singh for remission of omission 284
30. Amendments in Nanakshahi calender 285
31. Religious service to Bhai Avtar Singh (Dharowali) and others 287
32. Regarding Amrit initiation 287
33. Regarding genocide of Sikhs in November 1984 288
34. Restriction on S. Harminder Singh (Khehra) USA 290
35. Restriction on Bhai Shaminderpal Singh Ragi and his peers 291
36. Regarding Sehajdharis 292
37. Directive to Sikh bodies regarding proper respect to Sri Guru Granth Sahib 294
1. Regarding Mahant Manjit Singh 297
2. Regarding Parkash Singh Badal 298
3. Regarding proper regard to Sri Guru Granth Sahib 299
4. Regarding Sikh identity 300
5. Regarding no relations of Kirpal Singh Badungar with Bhaniara wala 301
6. Regarding proper regard to Sri Guru Granth Sahib 302
7. On no taking Sri Guru Granth Sahib at graves and tombs 304
8. Caution against anti-Panthic activities of Noor Mehalias 305
9. Calling of convention against the painful event at Malout  306
10. Following of Sikh Code of Conduct 308
11. On check of polio 309
12. Regarding Shiromani Committee elections 310
13. On anti-Panth activities of RSS 311
14. On same sex marriage 312
15. Practices in Gurdwaras 313
16. Harkirat Singh Canada 314
17. Mushrooming of anti-Gurmat Deras 315
18. Mutual unity and goodwill 316
19. Vanjara and Sikligar Sikhs 317
20. On World Environment Day 318
21. Regarding Dasam Granth 319
22. Donating blood olr human organs 320
23. On change in Ardas 321
24. Sangat/Pangat and preparation of Langar 322
25. To the political parties 323
26. In remembrance of Sikhs killed in Hond Chillar episode 324
1. Bhai Sahib Sardar Kharak Singh Ji 327
2. Bhai Sahib Bahi Randhir Singh Ji 328
3. Bhai Sahib Sardar Harbhajan Singh Ji 329
4. Bhai Sahib Sardar Didar Singh Ji Bains 330
5. Jathedar Gurcharan Singh Ji Tohra 331
6. Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen 332
7. Dr. Raghbir Singh Ji Bains 333
8. Bhai Jasbir Singh Ji Khalsa 334
9. Baba Nihal Singh Ji Harian Welan 335
10. Bhai Sahib Bhai Mahinder Singh Ji UK 336
11. S. Roop Singh Ji 337
12. S. Kartar Singh Ji Thakral (Singapore) 338
13. S. Saran Singh Ji (IAS) 339
14. S. Parkash Singh Ji Badal 340
1. Appeal by Singh Sahibaan for Panthic Unity 343
2. Resolutions passed in the World Sikh Convention held on 2 September, 1984 345
3. Amritsar Declaration 355
4. Letter of pledge with the Khalsa Panth 356
5. Rites and Practices at Sri Akal Takhat Sahib 357
6. Message from the Five Singh Sahibaan at the 300th Installation Day of Khalsa Panth 358
7. Atonement in regard with mishappening during the 400th day celebrations of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib 361
8. Resolution on permitting the rejoining of misguided Sikhs in the main Gursikh stream. 362
9. Resolution in clarification of misguided made by Nirmal Sampardai 363
10. Offering an opportunity to the ex-communicated persons to return to the main stream of Panth on the auspicious occasion of Sirhand Fateh Divas 365
  Selected Bibliography 366


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