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Japuji A Gate Way to Liberation

Publisher: Unistar Books
Authors: Dr. Harjinder S. Majhail
ISBN-10: 8189899589
ISBN-13: 9788189899585
Page: 148
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: GURE152
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Preface To Book 'Japuji A Gate Way to Liberation' By Dr. Harjinder Singh Majhail 

Japuji has already been translated into English by many scholars. Still there was need for such a translation which might be simple so as to make everyone understand it in its complete form. This was the chief aim that prompted me to translate Japuji into English.

Translating Gurbani has always been a challenging task. It cannot be done merely by having a linguistic command on the subject. It does require complete philosophical understanding of the Sikh mystic concepts which is not possible without having the Grace of Guru Nanak to have the in-depth, thorough and practice-oriented perusals of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and other Sikh resources.

While I was doing my Ph. D., I had to undergo extensive readings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and had to consult and read many translations which differed from each other in annotations and meaning. There were many which showed similarity to each other. I think it was natural when there were already so many translations of the same work easily available around.

The very title of the book in hand shows that it is not a translation only but also an attempt to reveal what Japuji is. Japuji is a gateway to meditation and liberation. It is an exit to redemption. The whole of Japuji and even Sri Guru Granth Sahib revolve around one word 'jap'. 'Jap' is the key to spirituality and is very important in our spiritual life. 'Jap' develops love for the Lord within. It makes us aware of the reality of life. Regular 'jap' knocks the tenth door regularly and helps in our homeward journey.

Japuji is the key to 'tan bhed', the secrets of the body. It reveals certain basic mystic concepts of Sikh philosophy such as 'mokh dwaar' (the door to salvation), 'bandh khalaassi' (redemption from bondage), 'hukam', 'raja', 'bhana', truth, True Lord, True Name, love, the secrets of listening and singing Lord's praise, contentment, education, permanent pleasure in life, the art of believing in Lord, our creation, the earth and the other planets, different types of people, virtue, vice and the psychological perversions, the detail of the five mystic regions and the technique for their attainment and the final liberation. All these concepts have been discussed in detail in the third chapter. The fourth chapter entiltled 'Mui Mantra' highlights the basic incantation containing nine words discussed in detail. Fifth chapter contains the complete translation of Japuji Sahib with Roman transliteration and the original Gurumukhi transcript.

The book also contains five poems entitled 'Always Remain In me', 'Invocation to Nanak', 'Eulogy to Nanak', 'Birth of Japuji 'and 'Sachkhand' written with blessings from Satguru Nanak which serve as a poetic prelude to the book. The first chapter studies the time of the Guru's arrival and serves as a sort of general introduction to the times in which the light of Nanak appeared on the socio- politico ­religious scene of India to dispel the darkness of ignorance in the age of 'Kalyuga'. The second chapter discusses the theme of Japui and deals with how a life led in accordance with Guru's teachings after its thorough perusal can actually guide us to walk better on the moral and spiritual road of life.


About The Author Of 'Japuji A Gate Way to Liberation'

Dr. Harjinder Singh Majhail is an accomplished writer, poet, journalist and educationist in love with Gurubani who wields his pen mostly on themes related to Gurubani. Sikh history, Sikh sensibility, Sikh ethos, poetry and realistic fiction have been his special areas of interest in writing. Anthologies of Dr. Majhail's poetry have appeared in English, Punjabi and Hindi. Dr. Majhail has written hundreds of research articles and journalistic stories, which have appeared in different Newspapers from time to time. Dr. Majhail has a natural penchant for journalistic writing. Dr. Majhail has been the Correspondent of Indian Express and Jansatta and has contributed many byline in-depth stories on different themes. Panjab University, Chandigarh has awarded Dr. Majhail with doctorate for his research on Gurubani. Dr. Harjinder Singh Maj hail is at present working as Director Education of Chief Khalsa Diwan, the premier educational body of the Sikhs running more than forty educational institutions throughout the country.

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