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Guru Gobind Singh Prophet of Peace

Publisher: Shabad Surt Kendar
Authors: Dr. K.S.Raju
ISBN-13: 9789380213644
Format: paperback
Language: english
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Foreword To The Book 'Guru Gobind Singh Prophet of Peace' By Dr. K. S. Raju



Hari Jaisingh


On the occasion of the tercentenary celebrations of the Khalsa Panth a number of publications have appeared. Some books have been written in a broader perspective, discussing the life and times of Guru Gobind Singh and nine other Gurus before him. Certain publications have dwelt at length on the basic teachings of Gurus Nanak Dev. Some books have discussed the vigour and valour of the Sikhs as a community.

What makes the present work (Guru Gobind Singh: Prophet of Peace) by Dr. Karam Singh Raju, IAS (Retd.), admirable is its simplicity in presenting the Guru's message of love, brotherhood, mutual understanding, tolerance and peace.

Dr. Raju has highlighted Guru Go bind Singh' s divine qualities which continue to inspire generation after generation. The tenth Guru practiced what he preached to his disciples. His life was full of sacrifices of the highest order. Indeed, the Khalsa Panth today owes everything to him. He widened the scope of love, brotherhood, devotion, faith, justice, respect for all religions and fearlessness-the sublime qualities which transform a human being into a divine personality. Guru Gobind Singh relentlessly fought against in justice. He worked for the abolition of the caste system and religious superstitions, and stressed on equality and justice. Guru Nanak Dev underlined the importance of moral and spiritual values based on goodness. The Tenth Guru emphasized the need for rooting out evil forces for the moral and spiritual uplift of mankind.

Swami Vivekananda once paid a rich tribute to the Guru and said:

"It was here that the last Guru, one of the most glorious heroes of our race, Shri Guru Gobind Singh, shed his blood and that of his dearest and nearest for the cause of religion .... he was the beacon light to inspire the Indian nation to revitalise itself and take over again its distinctive role in the civilization of mankind.

I am sure that Dr Raju's book will inspire the young generation to follow the teachings of the Gurus in letter and spirit. The book has been published by the Ratna Memorial Charitable Trust, Chandigarh, which, I understand, distributes books free of cost to students, army personnel and prisoners. This will certainly help spread the message of love, dedication, brotherhood, secularism, equality, justice, sacrifice and selfless work among the people of Punjab, nay India and the world at large.


Preface Of The Book 'Guru Gobind Singh Prophet of Peace' By Dr. K. S. Raju



Lt. Gen. (Retd.) BKN Chhibber




Guru Gobind Singh was a great soul but the projec!ion of his cardinal teachings, to the world, has been. too small. He has been shown mostly as a martial marvel and invincible war hero. True. But it is only an iota of his great glory. He himself declared in his autobiography, Bachitar Natak, that he had not come to wage or fight wars for his personal ends. He says:

"For wealth and land ancient is the struggle,

To compass which men willingly die.

Worldly love and pride have extended quarrels,

Lust and wrath have conquered the whole world.

Gobind states that he had come to teach the world, as ordained by God, to fight against the evil and uphold righteousness and unite the alienated man with God.

Guru Nank Dev, founder of Sikhism, was the first spiritual head to spread the message of "SAGAL JAMATEE­Universal Brotherhood" to the humanity as a whole. This concept of "Universal Brotherhood" has gained currency and immense popularity all around the world. Guru Gobing Singh, founder of the Khalsa, further gave the concept· of "Universal Love". He was himself love and peace 


About The Author 'Dr. K. S. Raju' of 'Guru Gobind Singh Prophet of Peace' 

Dr. K.S. Raju, a profound thinker and a prolific writer, an able administrator, great social worker and the author of this valuable treatise aptly describes Guru Gobind Singh as "Prophet of Peace11 to whom war itself was one of the means for the establishment of peace. This novel approach is quite revealing. The book gives essence of Khalsa which is based on liberal approach, awakened ideology, rational thinking and clarity of concepts knitted with historical and social perspectives. Dr. Raju has gone deep into original sources and has given fearlessly his own interpretations.

THI date he has authored 24 books including world famous (1) "A Comparative Study of Ethical Perceptions of World Religions" (Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism) (2) Historical Material (1469-1947) for the Khalsa Heritage Museum being set up at Anandpur Sahib, Punjab (3) Dasmesh Pyar. During Tercentenary Khalsa birth celebrations 1999, three books of Dr. K.S. Raju (1. Khalsa Sajana - Manav Ekta da Parteek, 2. Guru Gobind Singh, Prophet of Peace, 3. Aman Pagamber Guru Gobind Singh, Punjabi) were released at Anandpur Sahib. No book of any other author was released there during those celebrations. Last edition of Tawareekh Guru Khalsa, basic book on Sikhism was also edited by Dr. Raju. 

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