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Beyond Boundaries - A Search For Unlimited Powers along the Path Of Guru Nanak - Book By Devendra Singh

Publisher: Hemkunt-Publishers
Authors: Devendra Singh
Page: 186
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
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Preface To Book 'Beyond Boundaries - A Search For Unlimited Powers along the Path Of Guru Nanak' Book By Devendra Singh

Our thoughts and actions determine our future. If we do something today, which we had done yesterday and the day before, then there is every possibility that we would feel like doing the same thing tomorrow. It becomes habit. We operate on the basis of habitual attitudes of our mind that are stored in our memory, and hence, we become slaves of our habits. We make a small world of our thoughts and memories, and remain confined to it. We have to come out of it by personal expansion.

With personal expansion, the power of mind also expands and stimulates actions. This expansion can reach beyond all boundaries because the power of mind is unlimited.

Our conscious mind works as an inhibting factor in experiencing the full powers of the subconscious because conscious thinking has its limitations. Let me give some examples of this limited conscious mental ability. A chess player, when stuck for a move, gets up from his or her seat, goes to washroom, comes back and immediately finds the best move. What that player has done is that he or she has given a break to his conscious thinking. Many times we forget somebody's name. It is there at the tip of our tongue, but no matter how much we think, we fail to remember it. But, when we start talking about something else, that name suddenly comes to our mind. We journalists also face this problem. Sometimes, after all the best efforts, we fail to write a suitable headline for a news story. What we do is take up another and after finishing it go back to the old story, and within no time we get an excellent headline.

Our conscious mind forms a self-image of "I" that limits us to a small world of our own. The conscious mind is programmed in a way that it builds us according to our thoughts. Our thinking has deep implications because our thoughts change the chemistry of our body and mind. So we need to change our thinking to evolve ourselves physically, mentally, morally and spiritually.

We can learn to change our body and mind by subduing our "I-am-ness" and by inserting desired intentions in our thought process. Our mind works like a computer. The conscious mind, which carries out the day-to-day thinking activity, feeds data into the subconscious mind, which operates automatically on the data fed into by our conscious thoughts and experiences.

Our desired intentions provide fresh data to the subconscious to work on. We have to programme our mind to change our power of intention. We need to train ourselves to awaken the unused talents of the mind. Meditation should be used as a tool to activate the latent powers of mind. We can reach any heights of mental power through meditation.

During this process, social status, religious practices, rituals, pilgrimages and physical appearance are unnecessary. What we need to do is to follow the universal value system.

Guru Nanak's system of meditation can help us attain Enlightenment through various stages of self-expansion. During this journey we experience the unlimited powers of our mind.


About The Author Of Book 'Beyond Boundaries - A Search For Unlimited Powers along the Path Of Guru Nanak' 

Devendra Singh has been a journalist for more than 20 years. He has worked for newspapers such as The Pioneer, Indian Express (in India) and Gulf News (in the United Arab Emirates).

A post-graduate in history with a doctorate in Sikhism from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, Devendra Singh entered journalism after completing research work for his Ph.D.  degree under the guidance of Professor Attar Singh, Padmashree (one of the the Government of India).

His research work - The Evolution of Social Consciousness in Sikhism - was designated as an inter-disciplinary study, as he was awarded a doctorate in religion by the Department of Philosophy, BHU, after doing post-graduation in history.


From The Backcover Of Book 'Beyond Boundaries - A Search For Unlimited Powers along the Path Of Guru Nanak' Book By Devendra Singh

Our mind is capable of miracles because of its powers. The developments in various fields from science to culture and civilization are the results of the unlimited powers of the mind. But this power of mind can be constructive as well as destructive. It can help us make both a bread and a bomb. This destructive power of mind is to be controlled.

Religion shows us the way to keep our mind away from destructive tendencies and experience its infinite powers for the good of our own being in particular and society in general.

The present book is an attempt to revisit the path of guru Nanak in opening the gates of the unlimited powers of mind.



Table Of Contents For 'Beyond Boundaries - A Search For Unlimited Powers along the Path Of Guru Nanak' Book By Devendra Singh



Page No
Preface 11
Conceptual Framework 13
Timeless Traditions 26
The Sikh Movement 53
On the Path of a New Social Order  75
The Movement Strengthens 89
The Sikh Society: Past and Present 108
The Sikh Symbols 128
Way to Enlightenment 151
Conclusion 179
Bibliography 183


Author Devendra Singh
Pages 186
Cover Hardbound
Language English

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