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Akal Takht Sahib - Concept And Role - Book By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer

Publisher: Sikh University Press
Authors: Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer
Page: 250
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: SHE175
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Table Of Contents For 'Akal Takht Sahib - Concept and Role' By Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer


Page No
Prologue 11
The so-called Jathedar of Akal Takht 13
The Eight Pillars of the Sikh Polity 18

                   1. Guru Granth Sahib 2.  Khalsa 3. Gurmata 4.Akal Takht 5. Punj Piaray 6. Sarbat Khalsa 7. Sikh Panth 8. Sangat

Hukamnama & Gurmata 24
Sarbat Khalsa Gatherings 27
Excommunication and Tankhah 29
Revelation of Akal Takht 31
                  Construction of Akal Takht  
                  The First hukamnama from Akal Takht  
                  Formation of the first Sikh army  
                  Arrest of Guru Hargobind Sahib  
                  Guru visited Guru-da-Chakk (Amritsar) after 8 years  
                  Battle of Ruhila (27.9.1621)  
                  Foundation of Keeratpur  
                  Several deaths in the Guru Family  
                  Attacks by the Mughal Army (Amritsar 15.4.1634)  
                  Battle of Mehraj (17.12.1634)  
                  Battle of Kartarpur (26-28.4.1635)  
                 Guru moves to Keeratpur (& battle at Phagwara 29.4.1635)  
                 Deaths of Bhai Gurdas, Mian Mir and others  
Takhts of the other Gurus 48
How many Takhts the Sikhs have?  
Takhts of Guru Har Rai and Guru Harkrishan  
Guru Tegh Bahadur'sTakhts  
                Visit of Kashmiri Brahmins  
                Guru Gobind Singh installed as Tenth Guru  
                 Martyrdom of the Guru  
Guru Gobind Singh's Takhts 55
Akal Takht at Amritsar (from 1634 to 1698)  
Akal Takht after the Gurus 59
                 Amritsar and Akal Takht after 1708  
                 'Dispute' of Tat and Bandai and Bhai Mani Singh   
                  Mohammed Shah Rangila and the Sikhs  
                  Martyrdom of Tara Singh Dal-Waan (9.6.1726)  
                  The Sikhs resolve to attack royal treasures and arsenals  
                  Zakaria Khan becomes the Governor of Lahore province  
                  The Sikhs are offered Jagir at Akal Takht  
                  Sarbat Khalsa at Akal Takht organises the Sikh army  
                  Martyrdom of Bhai Mani Singh  
After Bhai Mani Singh 78
                   Punishing Massa Ranghar (11.8.1740)  
                   Sarbat Khalsa gathering at Akal Takht (14.10.1745)  
                   Killing of Jaspat Rai and terror by Lakhpat Rai  
                   Chhota Ghallughara (Small Carnage) 1.5.1746  
                   Sarbat Khalsa at Akal Takht to build a fortress (30.3.1747)  
                   Sarbat Khalsa at Akal Takht and formation of 11 Misls (29.3.1748)  
                   Mir Mannu's atrocities  
                  Sarbat Khalsa at Akal Takht offers Rakhi (protectorate)  
                  Difference between Sikh Rakhi and Marhatta Chauth  
                  Akal Takht is again the centre of Sikhs' activities  
                  Sarbat Khalsa at Akal Takht offers formally declare Sikh rule (31.10.1758)  
                 Reconstruction of Akal Takht and Darbar Sahib  
                 Sarbat Khalsa at Akal Takht resolves to attack Lahore (7.11.1760)  
                 Fifth invasion by Ahmed Shah Durrani (October 1759)  
                 Hindu's petition at Akal Takht: the Sikhs get Hindu girls freed from Durrani  
                Sardar Khalsa at Akal Takht resolves to attack Jandiala (22.10.1761)  
                Greater Holocaust (5.2.1762)  
                Ahmed Shah tries to make peace with the Sikhs  
                Demolition of Darbar Sahib  
                History's greatest resolution of Charhdi Kala (high spirits)  
                Sarbat Khalsa at Akal Takht resolves to occupy Lahore (10.4.1765)  
                Akal Takht and the Sikh Rulers 107
                The Sikhs go astray from Akal Takht  
                 Rise of Ranjit Singh  
 Under the British Rule                114
                 Ranjit Singh's marble pedestal at Akal Takht  
                 Dastur-i-Amal of Darbar Sahib  
                 Akal Takht under the sarbrahs/pujaris  
                 Attempted 'excommunication' of Professor Gurmukh Singh  
                 Electrification of Darbar Sahib and Akal Takht  
                 Viceroy at Akal Takht  
                 A Muslim embraces Sikhism at Akal Takht  
                 Priests of Akal Takht reject karhah parshad of Sunder Singh Majithia  
                 Takht and size of Kirpan  
                 Kamagatamaru ship and the episode of Baj Baj Ghat  
                 Firing at Baj Baj and so-called 'hukamnama' from Akal Takht  
                 Honouring General Dyer  
Gurdwara Reform Movement 124
                  Removal of Arur Singh as Sarbrah of Darbar Sahib  
                  The Sikhs take control of Akal Takht and Darbar Sahib  
                  The birth of the S.G.P.C.  
                  Government forms a Committee to install formation of the S.G.P.C.  
                  Jaito Agitation  
                  Excommunication of Gurdial Sinh Nabha  
                  Police tries to enter Akal Takht  
                  Kartar Singh Bedi apologises at Akal Takht  
                  Resignation by the caretaker of Akal Takht  
                  Honouring Baba Kharak Singh  
                  Committee for framing the Sikh Rahitmaryada  
                  'Excommunication' of Teja Singh Bhasaur  
                   Honouring Bhai Randhir Singh  
                   Agitations launched from Akal Takht  
After Union with India (1947-62) 145
                    Firing at Akal Takht  
                    Injustice to the Sikh Backward Classes  
                    Agitation against ban on Punjabi Suba slogan  
                    Police attacks Darbar Sahib  
                    Chief Minister Sachar appears at Akal Takht and apologizes  
                     Vow at Akal Takht for Punjabi Suba  
                      Verdict against Master Tara Singh and Fateh Singh  
                      Resignation by the caretaker of Akal Takht  
Sorrowful Days (1962-79) 152
                      Fateh Singh's first threat of self immolation  
                      Fateh Singh's second threat of self immolation  
                      Demand to demolish the Havan Kunds  
                      Fateh Singh's third threat of self immolation  
                      Stone-throwing from and at Akal Takht  
                      Fateh Singh once more shows his cowardice   
                      Agitation against internal emergency (1975-77)  
                      Hukamnama against the Nirankaris  
Misuse of Akal Takht 161
                      The Sikhs can eat jhatka meat  
New Hopes (1980-82) 167
                      Jathedar Gurdial Singh Ajnoha takes over  
                       The Sikh are a Nation  
                       Akal Takht versus Indian Judiciary  
                       Nirankaris approach Akal Takht  
Akal Takht during militancy (1982-95) 171
                        Indian army's attack on Darbar Sahib and Akal Takht  
                        Forgiving Zail Singh for attacking Darbar Sahib  
                        Sikhs protest against the priests  
                        Indira Gandhi punished for attacking Darbar Sahib  
                        Massacre of thousands of Sikhs  
                        Another attack on Kirpal Singh priest  
                        Rajiv-Longowal Accord  
                        Deed of shameful surrender  
                        The Sikhs challenge Surjit Barnala  
                        Congregation in the name of Sarbat Khalsa  
                         Announcement of a new Government of Khalistan  
                         Ragi Darshan Singh appointed caretaker of Akal Takht 185
                         Another gathering in the name of Sarbat Khalsa  
                         A new Akali Dal from Akal Takht  
                         'Excommunicating' Surjit Barnala  
                         Surjit Barnala declares 'rebellion'  
                         Anti-Sikh forces discard Surjit Barnala  
                         Darbar Sahib again under siege  
                         Controversial Convention of 4.8.1987  
                         The Government uses Jasbir Singh Rode  
                         New misuse of Akal Takht: 'crowing' ceremony 191
                         Another attack on Darbar Sahib: Operation Black Thunder  
                         Killings of Sikhs at Bidar (Karnataka)  
                         The Hindus attack on Sikh procession at Jammu  
                          Protest procession against atrocities by Gobind Ram  
                          Khalistanis sweep the Lok Sabha elections in the Punjab  
                          Ragi Darshan Singh's exist from Akal Takht  
Insult to Akal Takht 199
                          Killings of the former caretakers of Akal Takht  
                          Manjit Singh and Akal Takht 199
                          Cases of Dr Piar Singh and Pashaura Singh  
                          Advisory Committee for Akal Takht  
                          Gujjarwal episode  
                          Sacrilege of Darbar Sahib by Gurinder Dhillon, a police official  
                          Manjit Singh restarts celebration of Diwali  
                          Buta Singh appears at Akal Takht  
                          Formation of a new Akali Dal from Akal Takht  
                          Delhi Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee & Rachhpal Singh  
                          Case of Dr Amarjeet Grewal  
                           Pashaura Singh appears before Manjit Singh  
                           Manjit Singh's tour of the Western lands  
                           Badal finally rejects Manjit Singh  
                           Akali Dal Amritsar emerged as powerful group  
                           Again two Akali Dals  
                           Manjit Singh tried to capture World Sikh Council  
                           Bhai Ranjit Singh and Akal Takht 214
                           Hukamnama for langar on floor  
                           Priests' union  
                           Punishing Amarjit Kaur  
                            Tohra at Nirankari Congregation  
Akal Takht under siege 217
                           Badal-tohra War  
                           Puran Singh and Akal Takht 219
                           Drama of the 'excommunication' of Jagir Kaur  
                           Joginder Singh Vedanti and Akal Takht 220
                           Bans discussion on the so-called dasamgranth book  
                           Pannu dies with a girl and whiskey in his possession  
                           Bhindranwala's martyrdom recognized  
                           Vedanti tries to help a rapist  
                           Issue of Sikh women perfrming religious services in Darbar Sahib  
                           Gurbakhsh Singh Kala Afghana  
                           Mohali Convention of October 2003  
                           'Excommunication' of Joginder Singh Spokesman  
                            Gurcharan Singh Tohra declared Panth Ratan by the priests  
                            Insullt to Guru Granth Sahib at Dyalpura Bhaika  
                            Gurmat Taksal condemns installation of dasamgranth  
                            Sonia Gandhi not allowed at Takht  
                            Priests take no action against B.J.P. leaders  
                            Sirsa chief  impersonates the tenth Guru and insults Amrit  
                            Vedanti's negative role  
                             Positive actions by Vedanti  
                            Gurbachan Singh and Akal Takht  
                            Sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib by Rama Nand  
                             Insult to Guru Granth Sahib, Akal  
                             Eye-wash on imitation of Darbar Sahib at Mastuana  
                             Tattooing 'ik onkar'  
                             Purewal's Calendar  
                             Excommunication of Ragi (Professor) Darshan Singh  
                             An open invitation for 'amnesty' spurned by the Sikhs  
                             Raag Maala and Iqbal Singh  
                             Akal Takht in chains of Chowk Mehta Dera and in the grip of the R.S.S.  
Epilogue 235
Bibliography 242


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