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A Complete Guide To Sikhism - Book By Dr. Jagraj Singh

Publisher: Unistar Books
Authors: Dr. Jagraj Singh
Page: 367
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
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The reason for writing this book is to disseminate information about the Sikhs and Sikhism in the world beyond the Indian subcontinent, where Sikhism took its birth in the 15th century. The lack of information about the Sikhs and their religion (Sikhism) led to the arrest, harassment, beating of the innocent Sikhs and damage to their properties and burning of their shrines (Gurdwaras) in the United States of America after the unfortunate incident of September 11, 2001. And in the after-math of racial hatred the only person shot dead was a Sikh, Sardar Balbir Singh in Phoenix (Arizona) while attending his gas station. The Sikhs were considered to be Taliban Muslims of Afghanistan by the majority of the Americans, because of their beard and turban.

So far attempt had been made to undertake a structured study of Sikhism to acquaint the people in the outside world about the details of this latest  world faith and its followers, the Sikhs. It had become necessary firstly, since the Sikhs now live in the farthest corners of the world (about more than 120 countries), a need exists for the people of those countries to know something of the history, tradition and religious practices and beliefs of the new arrivals in  their midst. Secondly, it is a well known fact that the Hindus are highly intolerant of the non-confirming faiths, there have been persistent attempts on their part to over turn the Sikh history and theology particularly after the Sikhs lost their rule. Before the decolonization of the Indian subcontinent in 1947, the radical Hindus of Punjab were very active in this regard. With the de-colonization of the Indian subcontinent (Hindustan) in 1947 A. D., and the divison, destruction and denial of their state back to Sikhs by the British, they (Sikhs) for the first time in history came under the tutelage of a reviving Hinduism. Immediately after gaining independence the Government of India dominated by radical Hindus undertook the task of distorting the Sikh history, theology and undermining of Sikhism and even declaring Sikhism a sect of Hinduism. Hence it had become utterly necessary to document a structured study of Sikhism to tell the outside world about its separate entity and expose the lies of its enemies.

The glory of Sikh religion is its universality which cannot brook sectarianism or narrow loyalties in any shape or form. It was intended by its founders to become the heritage, not of any particular group of people, but of the whole mankind. Guru Nanak was the Guru not of the Sikhs alone, but of the whole mankind. He desired that his message should go to every nook and corner of the world in the same manner as it had gone through him during his own sojourn in life.

I have been very keen to produce a book on Sikhism in English, to begin with, which should give a faithful interpretation of the Sikh Principles for the English knowing people. I feel that the present generations needs badly Guru Nanak's message in which discerning men will surely find solace for their restless souls and torch to enlighten them, "Gur darsan udhray sansaara, je ko lay-ay bhao piyara" i.e., " Through Guru's philosophy the whole world can be saved if the same were accepted with devotion and love" (GGS, Rag Asa).

In view of this claim of the Guru to save the whole mankind, it becomes a duty to share the message with all and I feel confidant that it will serve to elevate them socially, morally and spiritually.

Though every care has been taken, mistake, if any, in typing or otherwise, is highly regretted for which I may be pardoned. I shall be grateful to receive kind suggestions.

Dr. Jagraj Singh
Sri Hargobindpur
District Gurdaspur, Punjab, India
6438 Bright Bay CT
Apollo Beach-FL-33572, USA
-813 645 4171


About the Author 'Dr. Jagraj Singh' of 'A Complete Guide to  Sikhism'

Dr. Jagraj Singh was born in village Mari Megha, Tehsil Kasur, District Lahore (now Tehsil Patti, District Tarn Taran) in the Sikh heart-land called 'Majha' (Central Punjab), the land of early Sikh veterans. He had his preliminary education in District Board Middle School at Mari Megha. He passed his matriculation examination from Majha Khalsa High School Khalra and F.Sc. medical from Khalsa College Amritsar, where Dr. Taaran Singh was his professor of divinity. He was trained as an allopath at Arya Medical School Ludhiana. Thereafter, he had a short stint with government service in the Punjab, but soon he resigned his government job and started his private practice at the historic town of Sri Hargobindpur in Gurdaspur district. Before his migration to USA in 1998, he practiced there for about thirty five years. During all these years of his life he witnessed the partition of the Sikh homeland during 1947, the Punjabi Suba agitation by the Sikhs and the reorganization of the Punjab, the emergency of Indo-China war, emergency imposed by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, two Indo-Pak wars, Operation Blue Star, Operation Black Thunder and the aftermath. He had the good luck of coming into personal contact with almost all important Sikh political and religious leaders of the afore-said period.

His grand-mother Sardarni Aas Kaur (died 1960) used to tell him the stories of the Sikh rule, Anglo-Sikh wars and the aftermath, which she had heard from her grand mother-in-law, wife of Kumedan Bagga Singh, who was part and parcel of that regime. Kumedan suffered an attack of stroke at the surrender ceremony held at Kasur after the defeat of the Sikhs in the first Anglo-Sikh war at Sabhraon. He died next day at their village Mari Megha. His father Sardar Bhagwan Singh (died 1982) was a highly religious person and had great kowledge of oral Sikh history and religion, he taught him both.

Mari Megha is located about 20 miles south-east of Lahore, two miles off the road leading from Lahore to Harike and the historic villages of Mari Kambokay (Sukha Singh), Waan (Tara Singh), Pahuwind (Baba Deep Singh), Singhpura (Nawab Kapur Singh), Poohlay (Bhai Taru Singh), Sur Singh (Bhai Mahan Singh), Chhina (Bhai Bidhi Chand), Padhana (Garja Singh and Bota Singh), Jhabaal (Mai Bhago), lie within its ten mile radius.

All Sikh Gurus or their parents were born within  a radius of about fifty miles around Lahore. The Moghul, Muslim government of the Punjab and Hindustan was forced by the Sikhs through armed struggle to accept their suzerainty over the Pargnas of Jhabal, Patti, Dipalpur, Kanganwal and Chunian areas along the north-west bank of Beas and Sutlej rivers. These areas were granted to the Sikhs as Jagir (estate) with Amritsar as their headquarter in the province of Lahore in the Panjab in 1733 A.D., by the Moghul, Muslim government and their leader Kapur Singh was given the title of Nawab. Eleven out of the total twelve Sikh Misls who successfully destroyed the Muslim domination  and rule in Punjab and established Sikh rule in their homeland (Punjab) belonged to this area.


Table of Contens of 'A Complete Guide to  Sikhism' By Dr. Jagraj Singh

Preface 9
Acknowledgement 11
Sikhism : Origin  
Sikhism, an introduction 13
Origin of Sikhism 13
Evolution of Sikhism--1469-1699 A.D. 23
The Sikh Revolution 25
World Seat of Sikhism 29
Embled of Sikhism 32
Fundamentals of Sikhism 33
Plight of Hindus, Hindustan and the Punjab before the birth of Sikhism 35
Sikhism versus other Religious Systems 37
The Sikh Homeland----Punjab 42
Amritsar, 'Theopolitical Capital of the Sikhs and Sikhism' 51
Practical Sikhism 60
Who is a Sikh? 60
Signs of Sikh Identity 60
Being a Sikh 61
Sikh way of Life 61
The birth of the Khalsa 1699 A.D. 62
Sikh Rehat Maryada (Sikh Religious Code of Conduct) 65
Inner values of Sikhism 67
The Articles of Sikh faith 68
The Rationale behind the articles of faith of Sikhism 69
Practices of Sikhism 71
Sikh Names 73
Sikh Greetings---Sikh Salutations 74
Sikh Jaikara-Sikh Slogan 74
Sikh Dress 75
Sikh Food Habits 78
Meat Eating in Sikhism 80
Rites/Ceremonies and Customs of Sikhism 82
A Cycle of Sikh Life 82
Naming the Child 82
Initiation 83
Marriage 83
Sikh initiation baptismal ceremony--Amritpaan Sanskar 92
Scriptures of Sikhism 94
Guru Granth Sahib (The Holy Sikh Scripture) 94
Dasam Granth 101
Gutka in Sikhism 102
Institutions of Sikhism 103
Gurdwara The Sikh place of worship 103
Difference between Gurdwara and Mandir (Temple) 106
Takhats in Sikhism 107
Basic Institutions of Sikhism 111
Spiritual Practices of Sikhism 114
Nitnem for a Sikh The Daily Devotional Routine 114
Corporate Worship (Divan) 117
Keertan/Shabad Keertan 118
Ardas (Sikh Supplication) 120
Bhagti in Sikhism 127
Meditation in Sikhism 129
Naam and Naam Simran or Simran in Sikhism 129
Sikhism and Jogism / Jog (Yoga) 132
Sehaj Yoga of Sikhism 134
Sacraments of Sikhism 136
Amrit (Khanday Batay Dee Pahul) 136
Sarbloh  (All Steel)------Weapon of war-Sword in Sikhism) 137
Langar 138
Marriage in Sikhism 139
Karah Parshad 140
Punjbai The Sacred Language of the Sikhs and Sikh homeland, Punjab 140
Ritualism (Karam-Kand) and its rejection in Sikhism 150
Tradition of Sikhism 175
Tradition of Sarbat Khalsa in Sikhism 175
Tradition of Gurmat in Sikhism 176
Tradition of Hukamnama in Sikhism 176
Tradition of Morcha in Sikhisn 177
Tradition of honouring on Sikhism Siropa 177
Major Doctrines of Sikhism 181
Miri-Piri doctrine of Sikhism 182
Rajbins nahin dharma chalay hai doctrine of Sikhism 184
'Naash' doctrine of Sikhism 184
Deg Teg Fateh doctrine of Sikhism 185
Theology of Sikhism 187
Theology of Major Theological Concepts of Sikhism 187
God in Sikhism 187
Monotheism of Sikhism 188
Name of the Eternal Reality 190
Realisation of God 196
The Third  Eye 198
Guru in Sikhism 206
A brief account of each Guru's life and contributions to Sikhism 207
Eminent Sikh theologians of Guru Period 241
Various Sikh Sampardais 246
Philosophy of Sikhism 251
Theory of creation according to Sikhism 260
Sikh concept of life 267
The concept of Heaven and Hell in Sikhism 271
Gian (Knowledge) 279
The concept of Seva in Sikhism 282
Democracy in Sikhism 284
Vishay/ Vikaar and Sikhism 292
Sikhism took practical steps to eradicate the caste system 296
Status of woman in Sikhism 302
Mythology and Sikhism 304
Sikh Calendar 306
The Sikh Calendar Year Nanakshahi Samvat 306
Sangrand 309
Festivals of Sikhism 310
Gurpurb Celebrations 310
Vaisakhi 311
Diwali 313
Maghi 313
Hola Mohalla 313
Ghallughara Day (The Holocaust of 1984) 314
Education and its concepts in Sikhism 316
Sikh Religious Educational Institutions in Punjab 320
Sikh Art, Craft, Culture, Civilization, Architecture, Jurisprudence and Politics 321
Sikh Culture 322
Arts and Crafts of the Sikh homeland--Punjab 327
Music in Sikhism 329
Sikh Religious Music 329
Sikh Folk Music 330
Dancing in Sikhism 331
Sikh Organizations 332
Singh Sabha 332
Chief Khalsa Diwan 336
The Sikh Governing Body Shromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee 338
Shromani Akali Dal 342
Spread of Sikhism 343
Which people enbraced Sikhism enmasse first of all? 354
The Sikh Population all over the globe 358
Glossary of Common Terms used in Sikhism 360
Bibliography 365


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