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A Bibliography of The Punjab - Book By Ganda Singh

Publisher: Punjabi-University-Patiala
Authors: Ganda Singh
Page: 243
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Product Code: SHE204
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Table Of Contents for 'A Bibliography of The Punjab' Book By Ganda Singh



PREFACE          .........                               ..........                          .........                           ......... v
LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS USED                        .........                                  .......... xi


Section  I  ENGLISH AND OTHER EUROPEAN LANGUAGES            ............ 1
Section  II  PERSIAN        ..........                                .........                                .........  143
Section  III  URDU           ..........                                     ..........                               ......... 173
Section  IV  PANJABI      .........                                 ..........                              .......... 191
Section  V  HINDI, MARATHI, SANSKRIT, GUJRATI, BENGALI, ETC                ........ 212


 PERSIAN        ..........                                .........                                .........  239
 URDU           ..........                                     ..........                               ......... 240
 PANJABI      .........                                 ..........                              .......... 243
 HINDI, MARATHI, SANSKRIT, GUJRATI, BENGALI, ETC                        ...........           ......... 245


Preface To Book  'A Bibliography Of The Punjab' By Ganda Singh'

Work on this Bibliography started forty-seven years ago. It was in the year 1919 that I first drew up a small list of books on the Panjab for my private use at Peshawar where I was then serving with the Ist Brigade of the Indian Army. Those were the days of the Third Afghan War. Occasional references to the indomitable courage and dogged tenacity of the Sikh soldiers during the frontier compaigns, gleaned from official despatches and memoirs, created in the minds of the European officers an interest in the study of Sikh history and I was asked by many of them to suggest books on the subject. This set me preparing a more detailed list. With my transfer to Mesopotamia in 1920, my interest in the study and collection of books on the military history of the Sikhs grew and I was able to collect a fairly large number of them from  England and other countries during my eleven years' sojourn (1920-1930) in Iraq and Iran. During this period I came in contact with Sir Arnold T. Wilson. He was for some time General Manager of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company at Mohammerah and was then working on his Bibliography of Persia. I was greatly impressed by his diligent and methodical work and felt inspired and encouraged to apply myself more assiduously to the completion of my list of books on the Panjab.To bring it to the notice of a wider circle of scholars and to seek their suggestions, I published a selection from it in the 'Sikh Itihas Number' of the Phulwar, December, 1929- January, 1930. But the list began assuming the form of a detailed Bibliography at the Khalsa College, Amritsar, where I was in charge of the Sikh History Research Department from 1931 to 1949. During this period I travelled extensively in the country in search of manuscripts and books. I visited important libraries and research institutions and arranged to secure transcripts either through my own Katib, Munshi Faiz-ul-Haq Amritsari, or through local scribes. The Khalsa College was thus able to have in its Research Department considerable collection Persian, Urdu and Panjabi manuscripts and rare books bearing on the Panjab. A large no of entries were added to the Bibliography from October, 1949 to 1956, at Patiala, where as Director of Archives, I published in 1954 A Bibliography of the Patiala and East Panjab States Union.

The object of the present Bibliography is to put together in one volume information about the material on the history and culture of the Panjab available in Indian and foreign languages lying scattered in current books as also in rare and out-of-print books and periodicals and in rarer manuscripts preserved in libraries in India and abroad.

The books, periodicals and manuscripts included in the Bibliography have been arranged authorwise under different languages giving the titles of the books, the names of their publishers and the places and dates of their publication. About the manuscripts, the information is a little more detailed. It includes the names of libraries and institutions, in India and abroad, where they are preserved, and also their section and accession numbers under which they could be located for consultation. Where the titles of books and manuscripts are not fully explanatory of their contents, an effort has been made to give some guiding hints about the persons, topics and events mentioned therein together with the pages on which they may be found. Wherever information about the publishers or the places and dates of the publications are not given, it may be understood that these are not menioned in the books or were not otherwise available. This also applies to manuscripts about which full information has not been given. For recent publications readily available in the market or in libraries, detailed descriptions of the contents have been deliberately omitted.

To begin with, the scope of this Bibliography was limited to the Mughal and modern periods of the Panjab, with particular reference to the Sikhs. The reader will thus find more detailed information about these than about the Sultanet and ancient periods. Moreover, the Panjab, as such, is the Sikhs' gift to India. It is the Sikhs who placed it on the political map of the world as an independent entity in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when they freed it from the Mughals and the Afghans and gave it the geographical boundaries from Tibet to Beluchistan and from the Khyber pass to the neighbourhood of Delhi. It was during this period that the Panjab and the Sikhs attracted the notice of Indian and foreign politicians and writers and became the subject of historical and cultural studies. This explains why the Sikhs find so prominent a place in the literature of the Panjab of this period.

In spite of all efforts to make the Bibliography as exhaustive as possible, it does not claim to be completely up-to-date or perfect. In fact, no bibliography can ever make such a claim. Although the writer of these lines has travelled extensively in India, from Srinagar to Annamalainagar and from Calcutta to Peshawar, and also in Iraq, Persia, and Afghanistan, in search of books and manuscripts bearing on the history and culture of the Panjab and has collected his material from the libraries of England and other European countries, there is still a possibility of omissions, especially where manuscripts are concerned. There has been no organized large scale survey of manuscripts in India either by the Government or by any learned society. Moreover, in India there is still considerable conservatism in the matter of old treasures of learning. Owners are so chary of  showing their manuscripts to a bibliographer or placing them at the disposal of a scholar for use in research studies.


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