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ME_1005 - Cream Embroidered Rumala Sahib With Exclusive Thread Work and Sippy Embroidery

Publisher: JSKS Online
Product Code: ME_1005
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Beautiful Shiny Silken Cream Base Double Rumala Sahibs Set (2 Rumala Sahibs with two palaks) with Multicoloured Flowers Embroidered throughout in Sippy and threadwork. Gives an elegant sparkling orange look . 

We supply these Rumala Sahibs to all countries of the world with Sikh Population with our customers spread all across USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Malaysia, Belgium, Mauritius, New Zealand, Singapore, UAE,Thailand,France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain,Kenya, Kuwait, Tanzania, China and any other country of the world where a Sikh resides and orders us to send one.

Rumala Sahib
Type Double - 2 Rumala Sahibs with 2 Palaks

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